After Being Turned Into a Dog, I Conned My Way Into Freeloading At My Rival’s Place

Chapter 49: Thirty-Four Likes

Translator: Mukyuu
Editor: Mikyuu

Ten minutes after Ning Yan posted the photo of the dog face onto Weibo—  

Ding! Ding! Ding

The doorbell sounded merrily. 

Ning Yan ducked into a corner and peeked out as Lin Rong went to open the door. As soon as the door opened, Ning Yue walked in, his face blank. He scanned the surroundings, locked onto his target, and immediately walked towards Ning Yan. 


Ning Yan howled!

Cousin, what do you want to do?!

“Brother!” Lin Rong hurriedly stood in front of Ning Yue and explained cautiously, “Yanyan logged into the wrong account.” 

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Ning Yue’s footsteps halted and he inhaled deeply. Then he glanced coldly at the two of them and said, “Look at what you two have done.” 


Ning Yan turned around and whined softly. 

This was all his idea, it had nothing to do with the big pervert!

As soon as he had posted that dog face photo, the bathroom door had been opened. Lin Rong had stood outside the door, looking at him with a complicated expression on his face. 

But Ning Yan had been able to detect the trace of joy in the man’s eyes. 

Though doing so would cause trouble for Ning Yue and Lu Ming, in the end, admitting a relationship only took one sentence or a few words. 

Ning Yan didn’t regret it. He had always been the type of person who did things as soon as he understood what he wanted. He was in love with Lin Rong and he wanted to protect his man. After all, Sese was something between himself and Lin Rong, what did anti-fans have to do with it? What gave them the right to blast the net with their scolding? 

Of course Ning Yue knew that this kind of obvious move was something only his cousin could come up with. But who was it for? 

He stared at Lin Rong and demanded stiffly, “Are you sure you want to go public?” 

Ning Yan let out a series of barks. 

You two managers figure it out!

Ning Yan, having posted on Weibo, now felt relaxed enough to chat about this and that. He scanned his cousin up and down and asked in curiosity, “Awwo awoo awwoo bark?” 

Cousin, how did you get here so fast? It’s only morning and a while from our scheduled evening walks. Don’t tell me you’re staying at Ji Shao’s place long term? 


Immediately the air around Ning Yue turned frigid. Ning Yan shivered and heard his older cousin say through gritted teeth, “No, Lu Ming and myself are not going to participate. You two, solve it yourselves.” 

With that, Ning Yue turned around to leave. 

The door slammed shut with a bang

Ning Yan looked up at his man, “Woof, woof, woof, woof?” 

His cousin actually avoided answering the question about Ji Shao?

Lin Rong gently stroked his head. “Yanyan, I don’t understand.” 

Ning Yan, “…” 

His mom is human but it seems like she can understand a bti of the demon language. He’ll have to find some time and have the “mother-in-law” teach the “daughter-in-law.” 

The two managers were really washing their hands of this mess—though with the way things were right now, whether they did anything or not wouldn’t make a difference since Ning Yan had made his intentions very clear and all they needed was for Lin Rong to reply—so the human and the dog sat down on opposite ends of the sofa and held their phones as they each fell into deep contemplation. 

At that moment, the trending list was out of control and all the old materials about the two were dug out. For example, the Weibo post that Ning Yan had accidentally liked before. Back then, a lot of people had hypothesized that Ning Yan had a crush on Lin Rong; those same people were now certain—Ning Yan absolutely did have a crush on Lin Rong all this time! 

There were also others who suddenly recalled that when Lin Rong (and the dog) were on the news, the pseudonym he used had been “Ning Rong.” Why was it “Ning”? People had been so confused back then and now they had their answer— 

Damn, when did the two sneak behind everyone’s back and become an item???


So it wasn’t just Ning Yan’s fans who were rendered speechless; Lin Rong’s fans were also rendered speechless!

Of course, the anti-fans who had jumped up and down before quietly shut up one by one. 

… What else could they say?? What else?? 

Didn’t Ning Yan make his meaning clear with that Weibo? 

The white puppy was his! He had given it to Lin Rong to take care of! And he and Lin Rong were possibly in a relationship!

This was something between the couple. The anti-fans had made so much noise, but if they kept going, they’d just get laughed at!

This was practically the most shocking murder of the year!! 

Excellence became the biggest winner of this 24-hour-long warfare with all its shocking developments. Its sales shot up almost vertically in a dramatic fashion! 

“I’ve got nothing to say except that I’m going to go buy dog food!” 

“If I feed my doggie dog food from Excellence, will I get a boyfriend ASAP?” 

“This CP fan has already ordered! I petition for Excellence to sell a ‘family’ package with their photos!” 

Of course, there were also those who were unhappy at the two protagonists gaining popularity. They tried to subtly throw shade on Weibo: “Ning Yan just revealed his true nature didn’t he? He always pretended to be a calm little prince but in private, emmmmmmmmm” 


Some fans rebutted: “? You’re not a true fan are you? True fans can all tell that Yanyan was pretending. He’s not only vain but his true personality is probably really hyper and impulsive.” 

When Ning Yan saw that, “…???” 

Wait, he had known that his fans knew he loves taking selfies and is vain. That much Ning Yan knew. 

… But when they did they realize that he is impulsive and hyper?!

He was super shocked!

There were other fans speaking up in agreement: “I’m a real fan and not surprised at all. I just want to see how Lin Rong responds.” 

“I’m a real fan and I’d like to suggest that we don’t call Yanyan the little prince anymore. We’ll just call him the little princess!” 

Ning Yan: … No, he rejects that!!

Ning Yan puffed up in anger. Lin Rong scooted closer to take a look and then couldn’t hold back his laughter. 

Ning Yan suddenly thought of something. He looked up at the man and blinked. 

Come to think of it, didn’t the jerk start by liking the Ning Yan on the screen? How come the man isn’t at all surprised after finding out about his true nature? Did he…

This time, Lin Rong understood Ning Yan’s confusion. He ruffled Ning Yan’s head and said gently, “Yanyan, I knew a long time ago that the you I knew couldn’t be all of you.” 

No one would unconditionally display all of themselves to the world. So he had always known that he was very, very far away from Yanyan. 

But actually, when he got in touch with Ning Yue about the white puppy, Ning Yue saying “dogs do take after their humans” had already given him food for thought. 

He had been surprised, but aside from the surprise, Lin Rong only thought that it was cute. 

Honestly, really cute. 

Ning Yan listened as Lin Rong talked and afterwards, he threw himself sweetly into the man’s embrace with a cry of excitement. 

Lin Rong smiled and hugged him. He rubbed his chin against the top of Ning Yan’s head. Then he thought about it and picked up his phone. 

Ning Yan, “Woof, woof, woof?” 

What are you planning on saying? 

Lin Rong smiled. 

So before the netizens had time to digest Ning Yan outing himself by liking posts, they saw Lin Rong… also starting to furiously like netizens’ Weibo posts. 

“So sese is a token of affection between them?” 

“This, is this the wife asking the husband to take care of the kid or the husband asking the wife to take care of the kid?” 

“By looking at Miao Bro’s Weibo before, you could tell that he treated sese differently. Now we know why. Eeeeee! Our Miao Bro is in love!” 

“Yanyan is so cute, sese is also so cute!” 

“Yanyan is really really soft!” 

“I want to marry Yanyan and take him home!” 


In total, Ning Yan liked 34 Weibo posts. 

Lin Rong also liked 34 Weibo posts. 

… What kind of romantic gesture of the century is this? 

Everyone had tried to guess how Lin Rong would respond. They had thought that a guy that cold would probably respond very simply, most likely by posting something casually, like “Yes, in love.” Which was why they had all remarked that if Ning Yan’s personality was this hyper, he must be tired being in a relationship with a man this cold. 

… How quickly were they proven wrong. 

Lin Rong, cold? 

This was effing cold? 

Out of the 34 Weibo posts he had liked, at least 20 were complimenting Ning Yan on being “cute,” “soft,” “sweet,” and “adorable.” They clearly exposed the true feelings of this “cold guy.” 

… Maybe even a bit obsessed! 

The netizens choked on the bowl of forcibly served affection and, in their anger, continued to refresh Weibo until its server crashed and the programmers collapsed into a despairing puddle. 

The drama lasted until the next day when the netizens gradually calmed down. 

They even summarized Ning Yan and Lin Rong’s style of liking posts in one sentence: 

So clear who was on top and who was on the bottom. 


The two had declared their sexuality in such a dramatic manner that their friends and family members were also agitated. Ning Yan received several calls but had to decline all of them since he couldn’t respond in his demon form. Instead, he replied to them on WeChat. 

But it was exhausting using his paws to reply. Towards the end, Ning Yan didn’t want to respond anymore but Wei Zhounan was still talking a mile a minute on the other end, complaining that Ning Yan hadn’t even told his buddy when he was planning on outing himself. The tone was extremely whiny. 

At first Ning Yan tried his best to comfort and soothe, but when he realized Wei Zhounan was taking full advantage of this and had even started to act coy, Ning Yan’s hackles were raised. Finally, he pressed down on the voice memo button and barked furiously, “Woof, woof, woof, woof!” 

Wei Zhounan on the other end, “…” 

Though he didn’t understand doggie language, he knew he had been scolded by a dog. 

Ning Yan thought in frustration, Demon form is so inconvenient!

He almost thought he had gotten control over his form shifting during his birthday, but he had been trying this entire past month and every time he thought he could change, it would fail at the last second. It seemed like he was missing some small thing, but what? 

Ning Yan was trying to figure it out on his own, but then Li Xingwen added him to a demon chat group and he happened to see someone discussing this same thing. 

It started with someone in the group who could change at will around ten but all of a sudden couldn’t anymore at 22. He went to see a demon doctor, who said that he had been a night owl for so long that his hormonal balance was out of whack, which is why this type of symptom had occurred. 

Ning Yan, “…” 

This real? 

The group asked: “So then what? Medicine? This is the first I’ve heard of it…” 

That person: “Actually the doctor gave me a suggestion…” 

The group: “We seem to sense something embarrassing coming up.” 

The person: “My Pactmate is my boyfriend right…” 

The group: “Oohhh, looks like it’s best-friends-turned-lovers!” 

The person: [:facecovering:] The doctor said that if we were lovers, we could try doing that… The body might experience stimulation faster… but we have to be controlled about it, the right amount can help stabilize transformation, too much of it and it might make the situation worse…” 

The group: ??? What is ‘that’?” 

Ning Yan blinked in shock. 

“That” couldn’t be that right… 

Later on the person said vaguely: “But if we wanted to try what the doctor said, we’d have to wait until I turn back into a human. After all, my boyfriend is a human orz” 

Ning Yan fell into deep thought. 

His mind brought up images of the jerk’s muscles and his V-line… 

He even thought about the guy lying on the bed, willing to let him do whatever he wanted… 

As he was about to raise his paw to cover his nose, there was a surprising poof and he… he changed!!

Ning Yan was caught off guard and sprawled dazedly on the sofa, still holding the same position with his hand raised in the air. Then he heard the sound of the bathroom door opening. 

The man walked out wearing a black bathrobe, calling out as he dried his hair, “Yanyan…” 

Then he jerked to a stop and his pupils contracted. 

His ears turned red as his gaze fell on Ning Yan’s naked body and then hurriedly looked away. 

With a slap, Ning Yan successfully covered his nose. 

Lin Rong saw that and his face paled. He hurriedly walked forwards and asked in a worried voice, “Yanyan?” 

He randomly pulled over a shirt strewn on the sofa and draped it over Ning Yan. He raised Ning Yan’s chin and wanted to look at his nose, “Did you get a nosebleed?” 

Ning Yan stared at the jerk’s face as his expression cycled through several emotions. 

He changed!

He had changed just by thinking about doing ‘it’! 

Come to think of it, could it be that the last time he changed in the bathroom was because he was thinking of doing perverted things? And he changed back into a demon form while he was kissing Lin Rong, was that also because it was too exciting for him? 

The doctor did give useful advice!

Come to think of it, his cousin did mention that there were cases of turning back into demon form during lovemaking because of the exciting emotions. That could be evidence for it promoting shapeshifting right? It’s just that too much excitement could destabilize shapeshifting from another angle… 

But if that is a solution… Ning Yan definitely wants to try! 

Lin Rong was about to get up and grab the medicine box when he was suddenly pulled back and hugged from behind. 

He froze. 

The youth held him from behind and said surreptitiously, “I-I want to tell you something.” 

“… What?” Lin Rong covered the youth’s hands around his waist and asked in a husky voice. 

Ning Yan’s heart thundered. 

He thought about how to say this and quietly asked, “Didn’t I give you a small flower on your birthday?” 

Lin Rong’s lips formed a smile. “I remember.” 

“I actually really wanted to give you another birthday present, I just hadn’t figured out what I wanted to give you.” Ning Yan swallowed. 

Lin Rong smiled. “Has Yanyan figured it out now?” 


With that, Lin Rong turned around. 

The youth looked shifty and his gaze wandered around the room nervously. 

Lin Rong let out a laugh and asked, “What is it?” 

The youth looked at Lin Rong again and, though his face was flaming, his voice was firm when he said, “Me!!” 

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