Chapter 41: “Mr. Ning and Yeye” Exposed

Translator: Mukyuu
Editor: Mikyuu

When Lu Ming called, Lin Rong was watching the TV as it played silly dog videos from a certain site. 

He had rooted around until he found a video of a slate-merle Border Collie being extremely silly. He cautiously hit play and then glanced at the white puppy next to him, who might or might not have been watching. He then pretended to off-handedly say, “Yeye look, how stupid.” 

The white dog crawled upright at that and stretched his neck to see. He looked perplexed. 

Lin Rong, “…” 

He silently tightened his fist. 

He changed to another video with an even stupider Border Collie. That Border Collie was chewing on a bone so hard the whites of its eyes were showing. The background music was the uncontrollable laughter of its owner. But the white puppy walked around the coffee table and sat in front of the TV, watching the videos thoughtfully. 

Lin Rong’s face tightened and he decisively turned off the TV. 

The white dog turned around to look at him and blinked his eyes in confusion. 

Lin Rong pursed his lips and averted his gaze. After two seconds, he moved his gaze back and glanced at Ning Yan. 

Ning Yan, “?” 

Hmmm? What is with this look as if he’s suffered greatly and needs to be comforted? 

But also Border Collies are so smart, so smart that he’s still dazzled by it now!

Just then Lu Ming’s call came. 

Lin Rong picked up the phone without any expression and heard his manager demand on the other end, “You were on TV today?!” 

Lin Rong replied, “I wore a mask, sunglasses, and a hat. There shouldn’t be a problem.” 

“If there isn’t a problem, how do you think I figured out you were on TV?” 

Lin Rong, “…” 

His entire mind was so occupied by the Border Collie that he hadn’t even thought about that. 

What happened was that after the provincial satellite channel aired City A’s 6pm news, one of Lin Rong’s fans quickly realized something wasn’t quite right. 

She had taken nine screenshots, each of a mysterious man wearing a black mask, dark sunglasses, and a black hat, as well as the white dog he had brought to enter into the competition. She asked in shock: “Isn’t this sese??? Is ‘Mr. Ning’ just Miao Bro?!” 

This fan was a fan with some influence. As soon as her post landed on Weibo, it quickly attracted the attention of many “Beauties.” 

“??? What’s going on?” 

“Is Miao Bro on City A news??” 

“It-it seems so…”

“That’s sese! [Image] sese from Hello, World—it’s the same!” 

“That is clearly Miao Bro. Even though he’s completely covered up, you can tell with just one glance.” 

“I went to see the original footage and that’s Miao Bro’s voice. How could you not identify that distinctive voice…” 

“So it’s really Miao Bro and sese?” 

“??? Miao Bro and sese are on the news?? I’ll be damned!” 

“But why does the news label him as ‘Mr. Ning’?” 

“Looks like sese’s original name really is Yeye. I remember when he first walked out on Hello World, Miao Bro called him Yeye lol” 

“Why is the TV calling him ‘Ning’?” 

The event quickly spread in the entertainment circle and keen gossip accounts quickly reposted this fan’s Weibo. When the casual reader came across the post, they were puzzled as well. 

Lin Rong? 

Ling Rong was on the news? 

Lin Rong was on the news because he had taken his dog to a doggie athletic competition? 

Lin Rong’s dog placed third??? 

This kind of weird news wasn’t common, so even the casual reader went and found the original footage. Then every one of them was shocked. 

XX pet park had held its 4th Doggie Athletic Competition. In total, over 50 citizens participated with their dogs. Mysterious citizen Mr. Ning was number 38. His pet, the little white dog, had dashed madly until he collapsed at the finish line. Congratulations on placing third!

But the third-place winner, the white puppy, hadn’t been happy at all. When the three puppies walked onstage to receive their prize, the other two were energetic and he lay down like a useless dog. 

“LOLOLOL dammit what is this!” 

“Joke news of the year?” 

“Is he this heartbroken at placing third??? Is it because he didn’t get his beloved dog food and the little crown?” 

“Such an ambitious dog [laughcry]”

“The Border Collie is so heartwarming, dammit! Now I want a Border Collie!” 

“I’m going to die of laughter. Lin Rong’s dog is so cute!!” 

“Why does a celebrity need to enter his dog into this kind of athletic competition? Is it for that one bag of dog kibble? LOLOLOLOL I’m going to die laughing!” 

“Got it, I’ll be checking in at this pet park in City A tomorrow [OK]” 

“So when is the fifth doggie athletic competition going to happen? I need to start training my dog beforehand!” 

“Mr. Ning is just out walking his dog [doge]” 

“So why is it Ning?” 

“Probably used a fake name when entering the competition?” 

“So, so, why is it Ning???”  

“I don’t know why but I suddenly thought of Ning Yanyan LOLOLOLOL” 


Very quickly “Lin Rong enters dog into doggie athletic competition” and “Lin Rong gets on the news” and other terms showed up on the list of trending keywords. 

City A’s satellite TV channel staff were completely confused. The reporter and cameraman who had interviewed Lin Rong that day were also confused. The organizers of the doggie athletic competition were also confused. 

Lin Rong? 

Lin Rong???

Dammit, what… what had they missed! 

As Lin Rong was browsing, he came across a post that said “Am I the only one who thinks sese and the Border Collie could be a couple ehehehe” and he closed the app with a dark face. 

Ning Yan was reading along while sprawled off to the side. He was very puzzled by the man’s actions and looked up at the man in confusion. 

Lin Rong decisively picked up the white puppy and said gravely, “Yeye, let’s go take a bath.” 

Ning Yan, “???” 

Didn’t they take a bath when they got home?? They’ve only been in the air-conditioned room for a while and now they’re going to take a bath again? He hadn’t been this eager even as a human!

Then he discovered that he was wrong… 

What the jerk meant by taking a bath together was… the jerk taking a bath by himself and Ning Yan watching from the sidelines. 

From the moment they walked in, the man turned his back towards Ning Yan and started taking off his clothes piece by piece. Ning Yan stared in shock, unable to move his gaze away, swallowing the entire time. 

Then when the fog slowly covered the entire bathroom mirror, the man’s tall and sexy figure also became hazy, but that only made it appear sexier… 

Ning Yan… Ning Yan started screaming in his mind!

In the shower, Lin Rong glanced over at the puppy, whose eyes were gleaming, and his ears reddened. He quietly punched the air in victory! 


The news incident caused Lin Rong and Ning Yan to stay on the hot topics chart for an entire day. Lu Ming had no idea how a singer like Lin Rong had gotten himself on the chart twice in the last few months, all because of a dog. He shouldn’t be called Miao Bro but Woof Bro. Lu Ming’s mood was both happy and conflicted. 

Then, to nobody’s surprise, more pet food brands came knocking on their door. 

Ning Yan really wanted to shoot a commercial and kept circling around Lin Rong frantically but also expectantly. 

But this time, Lin Rong looked down and hesitated. He told Lu Ming, “Let me go ask Ning Bro.” 

Lu Ming paused. He is going to ask this time? He actually wants to shoot?

But Lin Rong knew what he was doing so Lu Ming contemplated briefly and said, “Okay, just let me know when you’ve decided.” 

Ning Yan’s eyes lit up—The big pervert agrees to go shoot a commercial? 

Lin Rong immediately asked Ning Yue. Ning Yue was also a bit surprised but he thought about it and said with half-closed eyes, “Okay, if you want to do it then go. But why the sudden change?” 

“…” Lin Rong said, “… Because Yeye seems to be really interested in shooting commercials.” 

After he hung up the phone, Ning Yue stroked his chin and thought deeply. 

The collaboration was confirmed and they scheduled the shoot for two weeks later. But before that, it was Ning Yan’s birthday. 

He’d always been nonchalant about his birthday and didn’t really have any thoughts on how to spend his birthday this year. But unexpectedly, he experienced the symptoms of a form change on the eve of his birthday. 

It was quick, as usual, but at least there were warning signs like before. Ning Yan sighed in relief—the time before had been an exception, just like Ning Yue said! 

Ning Yan’s warning symptoms always came in the evening, which meant Ning Yan’s shapeshifting also occurred 24 hours later during the evening. Since their walk had been moved to an earlier time, he had missed being able to pass the news to Ning Yue the day before and could only hurriedly inform Ning Yue on his birthday. Ning Yue paid Lin Rong a visit as soon as they separated. 

Lin Rong had gone out during the day and then seemed to be contemplating something since his return. He occasionally glanced at Ning Yan and paused in surprise when he got Ning Yue’s phone call. 

Half an hour later, Ning Yan looked back as he was handed over to Ning Yue, meeting Lin Rong’s gaze. 

The man looked at him tenderly. Ning Yan didn’t know why but he felt a bit strange. 

He returned home and Ning Yan woke up in his human form right around 8pm. The first thing he did was turn on his phone and call Lin Rong. 

Lin Rong picked up within a second, as if he had been waiting for the call. 

Ning Yan’s heart thumped rapidly. He still remembered that they’d kissed the last time they saw each other. 

Though their meeting that night had been hurriedly interrupted because he got drunk, some things had changed. 

He said self-consciously but in a tone of voice that couldn’t disguise his excitement, “Did-did you miss me?” 

Hey, it’s actually a bit corny to ask this type of a question!

But the man laughed quietly in response and answered truthfully, “I did.” 

His voice was soft and tender. “Yanyan, it’s your birthday and I have a present for you.” 

“What is it?” Ning Yan asked in surprise. 

So the jerk did remember his birthday!

“Can we meet up?” 

Ning Yan thought about it and suggested, “Then-then I’ll come over to your place?” 

Lin Rong paused and said gently, “Let me come to you.” 

Ning Yan blushed. 

He said quietly, “That’d be great.” 

When they hung up the phone, Ning Yan scrubbed hard at his face. 

This-this-this, he’s coming over here. Nothing too exciting is going to happen in a bit, right?! 

No, this won’t do. He needs to be steady. He can’t control his shapeshifting yet and just like he thought last time, it would be a disaster if he shapeshifted in the middle of “that” because they were taking too long… 

Ning Yan’s mind was occupied with borderline pornographic thoughts as he strolled out of the room. As soon as he met Ning Yue’s gaze, Ning Yue’s face darkened. 

He knew Ning Yan very well and asked outright, “What are you planning on doing?” 

Ning Yan answered cheekily, “You clearly know it, so why ask me?” 

There was a hint of secret delight in his tone. 

Ning Yue, “…” 

He said coldly, “I’m just letting you know that there have been many cases of shapeshifting because someone has lost control over their emotions while lovemaking.” 

“…” Ning Yan became flustered, “Cousin, your way of thinking is dangerous and lewd!” 

“I might be dangerous and lewd,” Ning Yue retorted, deadpan, “but your mind is just lewd.” 

“I am not!” Ning Yan denied firmly. His face flushed while he insisted, “I wouldn’t do something like that this soon with him!” 

“That better be the case.” 

Ning Yan was both embarrassed and self-conscious. He huffed out, “Lin Rong is about to come. Cousin, you should leave. Why don’t you go find Ji Shao?!” 

Ning Yue paused and the temperature around him dropped to the freezing point. “Why would I go find him?” 

Ning Yan turned into an ostrich in a flash. He rolled his eyes around and then said deeply, “I’m afraid you’ll be lonely by yourself.” 

Ning Yue’s eyes were filled with three words written in ice: You are dead.

Ning Yue left. He was afraid that he’d hit his cousin in another second. 

Before he left, he reminded Ning Yan, “If he’s coming then don’t go out, just in case. You got it?” 

“I got it, I got it. Relax, cousin.” Ning Yan was completely unworried because this time his shapeshifting had gone back to the way it was before. He didn’t think that anything would happen. 

When Ning Yue left, Ning Yan quickly cleaned up his room and changed into a handsome set of clothes. He styled his hair and waited expectantly for ten minutes before the doorbell finally rang. 

Ning Yan rushed forwards excitedly to open the door. He caught sight of the man, dressed handsomely, standing outside. 

There was a cake in his left hand and a bouquet of roses in his right hand. 

Perhaps because this was also his first time doing something like this, the man’s face was slightly red and he looked a tad bit bashful. 

Ning Yan’s heart trembled. 

This is also his first time receiving roses!

“Yanyan,” Lin Rong smiled and said tenderly, “happy birthday.” 

This was the first time they had seen each other in human form after Li Xingwen’s pre-wedding bash. 

As they looked at each other, they could feel the tension and embarrassment rolling off the other. 

Lin Rong’s grip on the cake tightened. In the next second, the young man flew at him with a cry, grabbed him, and yanked him inside. 

Lin Rong, having almost dropped his roses, “…” 

When he shut the door, Ning Yan snuggled into Lin Rong’s arm and said sweetly, “Thank you, I like it!” 

Then he looked up. There was starlight in those gorgeous eyes. 


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