After Being Turned Into a Dog, I Conned My Way Into Freeloading At My Rival’s Place

Chapter 39: New Rival Spotted!

Translator: Mukyuu
Editor: Mikyuu

The little lecherous dog Ning Yan felt like he could fly!

That night, not only had he managed to sleep in the man’s bed but he also kneaded on the man’s chest muscles for half an hour!

During the entire time, the man had remained still and let him knead as he wished. He could describe the behavior as extremely steady and calm and the man had even watched him with an encouraging smile. 

Ning Yan had such a great time kneading on the man’s chest. Then he lay down and started whining. It’d be great if he could change into human form! He wants to hurry up and turn human; he wants to do this and that…


That night, he had an impossible-to-describe dream. In the dream, he was galloping around Lin Rong’s chest muscles, but halfway through the “ground” underneath his feet started moving. He rolled downwards and, in his panic, found himself stuck between the ab muscles! 

There was an 8-pack! 

Ning Yan’s eyes shone with excitement and he felt his energy return. He could almost see that 8-pack calling a greeting to him… 

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After a breakfast of lamb ribs, Ning Yan assumed it would be another lazy day. But the man actually consulted him and asked if he wanted to go to the pet park. 

Ning Yan’s ears perked up. 

Go out and play?

He knew there was indeed a pet park around here. When he had passed by before, he’d often see cats or dogs there and occasionally there would be parades or even contests. 

Though Ning Yan didn’t think he and the other dogs and cats could do anything together, he did want to go out, so he happily barked in acquiescence. 

After Lin Rong learned the truth, he was more cautious about taking Ning Yan outdoors. If Ning Yan agreed, then it shouldn’t be a problem to go out. So he relaxed and put on a mask, non-prescription glasses, and a baseball cap. 

Lin Rong drove and the man and dog arrived at the pet park after 20 minutes. 

The weather was nice and there were many little dogs scattered around in groups of two or three on the vibrant green grass. Their owners chatted passionately with each other. 

Lin Rong made a striking figure, but he had disguised himself and the people walking their dogs around the pet park were, on average, on the older side. Therefore, though he attracted some attention, he wasn’t that easily recognizable. 

After putting the leash on Ning Yan, they picked a secluded spot and strolled around. 

The pet park was huge and there was even a small forest and small pond in it. Ning Yan trotted ahead, sniffed the flowers, stomped on the grass, and even posed occasionally for Lin Rong to take some photos. 

The white puppy sat down in the shade of a tree with a yellow flower on top of his head. 


He panted even as his tail wagged furiously behind him. He looked adorable and charming. 

Lin Rong couldn’t hold back a smile. After he took a photo, he picked the puppy up and kissed him. “Yeye is so cute.” 

Ning Yan, “Woof, woof, woof!” 

The man and the dog crossed the small patch of forest and saw an empty field set up with lots of exercising equipment. There were stumps of wood, a platform in the shape of a ladder, a slide, and metal hoops. 

More importantly, a stage had been built ahead and a banner was draped on the wall with the words “The 4th Annual Doggie Athletic Competition” written across it. There was a table on the stage and three staff members sat there, passing out something that looked like either flyers or applications. 

Ning Yan blinked and walked forwards out of curiosity. Lin Rong chuckled and asked, “Is Yeye interested?” 

Of course! The more the merrier!

By the time they got closer, they more or less knew what was going on. 

“The 4th Annual Doggie Athletic Competition” would be held in a week and there were two days to sign up. Today was the last day. Citizens just needed to fill out the form to enter in the competition. The competition had probably taken some cues from specialized canine agility competitions. The challenges were based on the equipment on the field and dogs were judged based on the speed at which they completed one circuit. The first prize… the first place winner not only got kibble and toys but also a little gold crown!

When Ning Yan’s eyes landed on the picture of the little crown that was stuck on the little acrylic board, they lit up. 

That crown looks adorable!

Lin Rong assumed that after they got the run down they’d leave. He didn’t think the white puppy would insist on getting on the stage. 


Lin Rong’s smile froze as he called out, “Yeye?” 

Ning Yan turned around and let out an excited bark!

They should go sign up!

After a moment of silence, Lin Rong tried to hint subtly, “You’re too small and can’t compete against those mid-sized or big dogs.”

At that moment the dogs crowding around the sign-up table were the Golden Retrievers, Border Collies, or Husky types. 

Ning Yan thought differently. What does size matter? He is a human. Many dogs aren’t trained by specialists and don’t even know how to walk the field. But he is different; he understands human language so they don’t even need to teach him about the competition rules!

Since there are prizes involved, it’d be stupid not to try and win them! 

Let’s go let’s go!

Ning Yan walked stubbornly towards the stage. 

Lin Rong yanked on the leash from behind with despair written across his face. 

The staff member at the sign-up desk had just finished helping an elderly gentleman fill out his entry form when a shadow fell over her. She looked up and her heart skipped a beat. 

The man wore a mask, non-prescription glasses, and a baseball cap. His features were covered up completely and while the staff member thought he looked familiar, the familiarity was gone in an instant. After all, though the man’s features were covered up, it was still obvious that he was handsome and her attention was quickly drawn away by his handsome features. 


The handsome man opened his mouth and while his voice was slightly muffled by the mask, it was a sexy bass. 

“… May I have an entry form?” 

“Sure, sure,” the staff member answered excitedly. “What breed is your pet dog?” 

“He’s a mix—” Lin Rong was halfway through answering when he caught himself and looked hesitantly down at the puppy by his feet. 

But the puppy, who used to bark madly at anyone calling him a “mixed breed,” now only looked up excitedly at the entry form. 

The staff member heard the word and laughed cheerfully, “Hahahaha, a mixed breed! That’s also very cute!”

The white puppy kept staring at the entry form with his head tilted. He didn’t seem to have heard, or maybe he didn’t care anymore. 

Lin Rong pressed a hand to his forehead. 

The entry form asked for the owner’s information and the pet’s information. 

Lin Rong took a deep breath and leaned down to write. 

Owner’s name…

Lin Rong calmly wrote down two words: Ning Rong. 

Pet’s name…

Lin Rong calmly wrote down: Yeye. 


When the staff member got a hold of the entry form, she handed Lin Rong a small circular plate and an itinerary. She informed him, “Mr. Ning, please read the itinerary carefully. The competition will start in a week at 9am. You and Yeye are entry number 38.” 

Ning Yan heard it. Hmmm? The girl just called Lin Rong “Mr. Ning”? 

He gave the man a puzzled look. 

The man averted his gaze and his ears turned slightly red. 

Coincidentally, they were standing next to the older gentleman. The gentleman turned around and chuckled, “You’re 38 and we’re 37. Right after each other!” 

The gentleman was accompanied by a German Shepherd, who sat elegantly and quietly beside him. The dog turned around at the sound of its owner’s voice and gave the white puppy a casual glance and then wagged its tail. It looked fierce but its motions were extremely elegant. 

Ning Yan had already decided that this guy was his rival and stared intently at it. 

He takes every competition seriously, even if it’s one for dogs. He’ll defeat the dog, even if it’s an extremely intelligent German Shepherd!

The German Shepherd tilted its head and looked at him. Then it opened its mouth and started panting as if cracking a smile. After, it raised its paw and lightly pressed down on Ning Yan’s head. 

Ning Yan, “???”   

Lin Rong, “…???”

At this, the older gentleman burst into loud laughter and said, “Looks like my Lulu is very taken with your dog. Is yours a female?” 

Lin Rong pursed his lips and bent down to pick up the puppy. He gave the German Shepherd a cautious glance as he said quietly, “Male.” 

Then he held Ning Yan even tighter. 


Ning Yan never went into battle unprepared, so he had to start practicing first. But there were only tables and couches in their home, which were not enough for him to practice his form. So he figured he had to entice the big pervert into buying some equipment. 

Yet he didn’t even need to use his talented acting skills to fool the man before the man put in an order on Taobao, albeit unwillingly. He couldn’t get the exact same equipment, but he could buy something similar. So the next day hula hoops and an indoor slide set arrived!

The hula hoops were put up at approximately the same height as the metal hoops in the pet park. 

Even if the miniature slide wasn’t tall enough, it was good enough for practice. 

So that night, when Jiang Mo and Jiang Xiaoning came to mooch a meal at Lin Rong’s again, they saw their best friend sitting in a corner playing the guitar robotically while the puppy took over the center of the living room and was diligently practicing jumping through the hula hoops? 

Jiang Mo and Jiang Xiaoning: ???

What kind of mysterious training session is this? 

The owner sits quietly off to the side and he trains himself?

They really didn’t understand this owner-pet relationship… 

Jiang Xiaoning asked with utter confusion, “What is he doing?” 

The white puppy had just finished jumping and gave him a disdainful look from the corner of his eyes while panting. His entire face had a “how would you know what I’m doing” expression of pride.

Lin Rong continued to stare blankly into space as he answered lightly, “He’s working on becoming a better version of himself.” 

Jiang Xiaoning, “???” 

Ning Yan nodded in confirmation. That was the perfect answer!

A week later, The 4th Annual Doggie Athletic Competition started at the pet park. 

Several dozen people crowded around the competition grounds on that day along with quite a few staff members trying to preserve order. Various breeds of dogs sat obediently in rows and the sounds of howling, barking, and whining intermingled chaotically. 

The people soon discovered that since this was the fourth iteration of the doggie athletic competition, the organizers had even invited the media, the local TV station! This was a first and this kind of setup made everyone more excited. 

The reporter took photos at the scene and, once in a while, random people got in the way of the shots. 

The reporter was usually quite serious but now that she had the rare opportunity to be at a place with so many doggies, she couldn’t hide how much she was melting at the cuteness. Her face turned red and her gaze kept drifting over to the pile of furbabies. 

After some words, she asked the cameraman to scan the entire field. The camera swung over and then, as if the cameraman had caught sight of something, it stopped. 

Though it was already fall, it was hot with a temperature of 35 degrees Celsius. 

But among the crowd… was a figure that was too tall to be ignored. 

He wore a black mask, black sunglasses, and a black broad-brimmed fisherman’s hat. All of his features were practically hidden in shadows. 

Isn’t… that hot?

The cameraman looked at the proud and determined white puppy next to the mysterious man and felt… that this scene looked a bit familiar? 

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