After Being Turned Into a Dog, I Conned My Way Into Freeloading At My Rival’s Place

Chapter 38: Lin Rong.exe Has Stopped Working

Translator: Mukyuu
Editor: Mikyuu 

In order to not crack Ning Yan’s dog teeth, Lin Rong was the first to admit defeat and let go of the bowl. 

After Ning Yan sulkily dragged the bowl over to the corner and continued eating his dog food, Lin Rong sat on the sofa and pressed his forehead against his fist, contemplating his life. 

After Ning Yan ate his fill, he let out a tiny burp and walked over to see what was happening. He couldn’t resist using his paw to pat the man’s leg. 

Is everything okay?


Did drinking really have that much of an effect on him?

Lin Rong opened his eyes and remained speechless for a long time when he saw that the puppy’s eyes were once again filled with concern now that the puppy had a full belly. 

“Se… Yeye.” He sighed gently. After hesitating, he still picked up the white puppy and held him in his arms. He placed his chin on top of the white puppy’s head and gently stroked the puppy with his palm. 

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Lin Rong listened and then suddenly thought of something. His body gradually stiffened. 


He remembered that at Li Xingwen’s pre-wedding bash, right before he and Yanyan separated, Yanyan had called him “big pervert.” 

Lin Rong, “…” 

His gaze fell on the wall full of posters and his expression turned helpless. 


Ning Yan thought the big pervert’s brain must have been poisoned by alcohol. 

The jerk is actually tearing down the posters on the wall?!

Since Ning Yan had, at one point, treated the guy on the poster as a rival for affection, Ning Yan’s feelings ran the gamut from shock, disbelief, anger, and then hesitation when he saw Lin Rong, after putting him back on the floor, walk towards the wall and then, with his ears red, silently begin to pick at the corner of the posters.

In summary, he feels conflicted. 

But when he had finished being torn… he still felt angry. So he ran to the man and let out a series of interrogating barks, “Woof, woof, woof, woof!” 

Lin Rong pursed his lips tight while his neck turned red. He stayed quiet as he kept picking and finally peeled all four corners of the poster away from the wall. Then he carefully stripped it from the wall. He didn’t dare look down throughout this entire process. 

He finished detaching one and then began working on another— 

Ning Yan felt that something was wrong. He cried out in a panic, “Owowowowowwww!” 


What is the jerk of a pervert doing? He’s not going to tear off every single poster right?!

Don’t you love Yanyan anymore?!

“Yan.. be good Yeye.” Lin Rong forced out, “I just think the walls look a bit messy like this.” 

It’s been so many damned years and now you think it looks a bit messy!?

You really don’t love Yanyan anymore!!

Ning Yan started to howl, “Woof, woof, woof, woof, woof, woof!” 

After howling, he bit down on the man’s pant leg and started dragging him backwards in an attempt to drag the man away from the wall. 

Lin Rong’s eyes filled with despair once again. 

Right at that moment, the half-naked shot of Ning Yan fell onto the ground by itself. Lin Rong’s heart jerked and he was just about to bend down to pick it up when the white puppy rushed forwards and bit down on the poster. The puppy stared at Lin Rong with a sad and accusatory gaze. 

If you really don’t love Yanyan anymore, Yanyan will tear this poster to shreds right now!

With that thought in mind, Ning Yan bared his fangs. 

Lin Rong, “…” 


He took a deep breath and drooped his head in defeat. He pushed his forehead into his hands while he stood rooted to the ground. He trembled slightly as he thought about all of his life choices. 


That entire day Ning Yan felt like Lin Rong’s brain was broken. 

First it was fighting with him over the bowl, then it was tearing down the posters, and finally it was the painful expression on the jerk’s face when he wanted to go to the bathroom and called the man over while sitting in front of the toilet. 

It got even worse at dusk when Ning Yan wanted to go out. He had to force the guy to put the leash on him! 

Lin Rong said, “Yeye is very good and there’s no need for a leash.” 

Ning Yan looked at him with an accusatory look. “Woof, woof, woof, woof!” 

Walking a dog on-leash is a fundamental principle of being a law-abiding citizen! 

So the law-abiding Lin Rong was forced into putting the leash on Ning Yan despite his despair-filled expression. 

By the time Ning Yan met up with Ning Yue and Ji Shao, who had adjusted their own walking routine to accommodate Ning Yan, and sat down to complain at his cousin, Lin Rong’s eyes were glazed over. 

Ji Shao looked at Lin Rong’s listless eyes and laughed. “What is this? Didn’t get a goodnight’s rest?”

“… I drank too much last night,” Lin Rong answered quietly. 


Ji Shao smiled and asked meaningfully, “Did something good happen?” 

Ning Yue’s lips were sealed tighter than a clam and refused to say anything. But based on his mood, which was getting progressively worse, Ji Shao guessed that something had happened between Little Ning and Lin Rong to piss Ning Yue off as an older brother. 

As for the specifics, those weren’t hard to guess. 

This time, Lin Rong detected the hint of teasing in Ji Shao’s voice. 

He even thought about more things and the look he gave Ji Shao instantaneously turned more contemplative. 

His gaze landed on Ji Shao for several seconds before drifting, of their own accord, towards the big black dog sitting by Ji Shao’s feet. Finally, they landed on the little white dog at his own feet. 

“What is it? What are you looking at us for?” Ji Shao asked casually. 

As he finished asking, immediately the big black dog and the little white puppy both raised their heads. 

In an instant, three pairs of eyes stared quietly and in concert at him. 

Lin Rong, “…” 

A chill crept up his spine and his body gradually stiffened. 

Ning Yue squinted his dog eyes and turned his gaze back to Ning Yan. “Nothing else happened except for that?” 

Ning Yan couldn’t believe it. “Is that not enough?! Cousin, when you turn back into a human, hurry up and find an excuse to take him to the hospital!”

If this continues, he’s afraid the big pervert will get even more broken!

Ning Yue averted his gaze and said nonchalantly, “What reason do I have to take him to the hospital?” 

Afterwards, he looked back and asked doubtfully, “Also, you’ve been eating dog kibble this entire time?” 

“Kibble is pretty delicious! It’s not that I can’t eat lamb or beef, but I also want kibble!” Ning Yan said self-righteously. Then it was his turn to be confused, “Cousin, doesn’t anyone else eat that?” 

Ning Yue: “We’re just dog demons, not actually dogs.” 

Ning Yan: “…” 

Ning Yue: “Our family has been around for several hundred years and you’re the most dog-like of us all.” 

Ning Yan: “…” 

Ning Yue: “Lin Rong would make an excellent dog trainer.” 

Ning Yan: “…” 

He’s very angry!

He’s not a real dog!!

So Ning Yan’s mood turned worse after this conversation. The tiny steps he took on the way home were filled with anger. 

He was just wondering why there was no sound behind him after a few steps when he turned around and met Lin Rong’s subtle gaze. 

Ning Yan was so angry he could curse—Why hasn’t the big pervert returned to normal yet!

Suddenly, a small feral cat ran out from the bushes and strolled gracefully over to them. When it spotted Lin Rong, it meowed softly at him. 

During their walks over the last few days, Ning Yan had heard the neighbors talking about a friendly little black cat that had appeared recently in their neighborhood. As he watched the little black cat approach Lin Rong, a second flame of fury shot up before the first one had been put out. Is this jerk naturally attractive to cats or something?! Why does every single cat have to come and act cute around him!

Ning Yan turned around and was just about to shout when, before he could say anything, he saw Lin Rong slightly shiver and hurriedly take two steps back. His voice was tight when he said, “Sorry, but it’s not possible between us.” 

The little black cat, “Meow meow meow?” 

Lin Rong shook his head and said seriously, “I only need Yeye.” 

The little black cat titled its head as if it didn’t understand and then took another step forwards, wanting to rub itself against Lin Rong’s pant legs. 

Lin Rong got scared and quickly but cautiously detoured around the cat. He picked up the little white puppy and ran off. 

The black cat, “???” 

Ning Yan, “???”

When they returned home and he put the white puppy down, Lin Rong discovered that at some unknown point in time, the little white dog’s ruffled fur was no longer ruffled. 

He looked up at Lin Rong with shining eyes and a face filled with surprise and delight, no sign of frustration or anger present. 

The big pervert actually resisted the temptations of a cat!

He actually got to see this!

Lin Rong realized why the little white dog’s mood had changed and coughed lightly. Then he said with bright red ears, “I don’t need any other pets. As long as Yeye can stay with me that’s enough.” 

Mmhmm, mmhmm, mmhmm, that’s right!

Ning Yan started wagging his tail. 

Lin Rong’s nerves, which had been strung tight this entire day, finally relaxed and laughter appeared in his eyes. “Yeye is the cutest in the world. No other animal measures up to you.” 

The little white dog’s tail wagged so hard it turned into a propeller. 

Lin Rong laughed outright. He squatted down and cupped the puppy’s face. His voice was filled with warmth as he said, “I love you, Yeye.” 

Ning Yan threw himself into the man’s arms with an “awoo.”

The man laughed quietly and embraced him. 

Ning Yan’s pissy mood from the entire day had finally been repaired! 

In the end, Lin Rong grilled a steak for Ning Yan and, this time, Ning Yan waited patiently. 

When the steak had been cut in pieces and placed in front of him, Ning Yan dove in and wolfed it down. His ears shook in pleasure and his tail wagged furiously the entire time. 

Lin Rong squatted in front of him and looked at the puppy tenderly for several moments. He ruffled the puppy’s head and said, “I’m going to take a bath first.” 

Ning Yan raised his head and hurriedly licked Lin Rong’s palm. 

Lin Rong’s hand jerked slightly. 

Then his face turned bright red. 

When he stood up, he glanced around at the posters hanging in the living room for a long time. There was still some lingering embarrassment but after an entire day of perplexing thoughts, he gradually felt at ease. 

This was him at his truest and also the person that Yanyan knew and accepted. 

Lin Rong closed his eyes. 

When he opened them again, his gaze was firm. 

He looked down at the little white puppy and decisively turned around and walked into the bedroom to grab his change of clothes and go into the bathroom. 

Ning Yan thought the big pervert was quite talented. Though he had eaten stuff the other man made before, today’s steak was extra delicious and could absolutely be sold at a high-end restaurant without a problem! 

He licked the sauce clean and then smacked his lips. He glanced in the direction of the bathroom when he was done eating. 

When Lin Rong took showers before, he’d only be in there for a few minutes. How come he’s in there for so long today? 

As he contemplated with his head tilted, the bathroom door opened and steam wafted out. The vague outline of a human figure stood in the steam. 

Ning Yan looked and was rooted to the ground. 

The man was half-naked and only wore a pair of black lounge pants. He was casually wiping his dark hair with a towel, making the wet hair even messier. The tips of his hair lay flat against the nape of the man’s neck. Droplets of water trailed their way down and across the man’s collarbones, chest muscles, and ab muscles before following the V line muscles and disappearing into those low-slung pants. 

This wasn’t the first time Ning Yan had seen the man’s naked body, but this time felt different from all the other times. 

The man inadvertently glanced at the white puppy. His gaze seemed to hook Ning Yan so that he trembled like a fish on the line. 

Ning Yan opened his mouth as he stared straight at the man as if he had lost his soul. He trotted over to the man without blinking. 

The man’s lips twitched into a slight smile and he walked towards the dog. 

As he walked, the muscles moved and stretched so that the lines became more graceful and sexy. 

Ning Yan swallowed and he could almost pass out from the testosterone getting thrown in his face! 

Lin Rong quietly tightened his fist in victory and he smiled composedly as he hung up the towel. Then he bent down, picked up the little white dog, and said with a laugh, “Yeye?” 

“Wuuuuu…” The white puppy whined softly and stared unblinkingly at the man’s chest muscles. He subconsciously raised a paw… and really wanted to press against them. 

Lin Rong puffed out his chest. 

So the paw really did press against the chest with an audible plop

Ning Yan, “!” 

A current seemed to rush straight from his paw to his heart. 

His tail sprang up! 

Ning Yan looked up at the man and blinked. 

The man looked away and said calmly, “But I like little lecherous puppies.” 

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