After Being Turned Into a Dog, I Conned My Way Into Freeloading At My Rival’s Place

Chapter 34: Showdown! In the Bathroom

Translator: Mukyuu
Editor: Mikyuu

Ning Yan, who was actually drunk but didn’t think there was anything wrong with that, got upstairs and collapsed into a dead sleep. 

The little kid, Pengpeng, knelt next to the bed and propped his chin on both hands while he watched Ning Yan. 

Behind him, Ning Yue was in the middle of calling Li Xingwen. 

“… Get someone to use an excuse and drag Lin Rong away.” Ning Yue’s tone was chilly. The person on the other end said something and Ning Yue’s face was even unhappier when he hung up the phone afterwards. 


Pengpeng turned around and asked Ning Yue, “Ning Bro, did I do a good job imitating?” 

Ning Yue ruffled his head as a compliment and his voice turned chilly when he talked to Ning Yan, “Wake up. If you continue being drunk, Lin Rong will be able to figure things out when you turn back to your demon form in a bit.” 

Though Ning Yan was out of it, his instincts were still there. He bolted upright and said dazedly, “No! I can’t let him find out!” 

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“!” Pengpeng shivered under the attack of the cold blast of air coming from next to him. He rubbed his arms, turned around, and glanced at Ning Yue. Then he continued to sooth, “Ning Bro, Yanyan Bro is already 25. It’s completely normal for him to be in a relationship. Some people have gotten married at this age!” 


The minute he finished his sentence, the air around Ning Yue turned arctic! 

Pengpeng, “…” Oops, he’s made a mistake!!

On the other hand, Lin Rong sat dazedly on the second floor, trying to figure out why he was a “big pervert.” But it wasn’t long before he got called downstairs for food. 

He glanced in the direction of the stairs as he recalled what Ning Yue had just done and what Ning Yue had told him before. After thinking things over, during which time the look in his eyes kept changing, he let out a final sigh and left with the person who had come to collect him. 

The crowd for Truth or Dare had dispersed. Everyone was either joining the dance party or eating barbeque. 

Li Xingwen called Lin Rong over. She cast the man several glances in between laughing and chatting with the others. 

Without Ning Yan, the man was silent once again. On top of that, he also seemed distracted. 

Li Xingwen chuckled. 

Ah, to be in love…

After an hour, she peeked at her phone and told Lin Rong, “Ning Yue and Ning Yan left together.” 

Lin Rong blinked. 

At the same time, a little kid ran up to them amongst the friendly greetings of all the party guests. 


The little kid held a white puppy in his arms. He reached Li Xingwen and called out to Lin Rong, “Lin Bro, Sese seems to be tired!” 

Lin Rong stopped woolgathering and accepted the white puppy from Pengpeng. 

The white puppy saw him and leaned obediently against him with his tail wagging furiously. 

Lin Rong steadied the little white puppy and then shot the mansion another look. 

Li Xingwen explained to him, “Their car has already left.” 

Lin Rong withdrew his gaze. After a moment of silence, he said, “… Then I’ll take my leave too.” 

“Go on, go on. Get home safely.” Li Xingwen bid him farewell with a smile. 


By the time Ning Yan turned back into his demon form, he was more or less sober. 

After all, he hadn’t drunk much. He only got drunk just then because he inhaled the liquor and because… because of his emotions!

Now that he was awake enough to recall the intimacy he had just shared with Lin Rong, he felt incredibly embarrassed… 

The man didn’t immediately start the car when they got in. Instead, he sat for a while and took out his phone. 


Ning Yan got put in the backseat and sneakily stretched his neck forwards to take a peek. He saw the man tap over to the chat page with him on WeChat and… then try the voice call function. 

Of course nobody picked up. In fact, Ning Yue hadn’t even brought his phone today. His cell phone was at home, turned off as usual. 

Ning Yan’s heart ached a bit as the man hung up the phone and sat there silently. 

Sigh, when can he reliably turn back to human form? 

Once again Ning Yan felt anxious about that problem. 

Only by turning human can he walk out with the big pervert without any worries. 

Only by turning human can he… can he kiss the big pervert! 

Before they had separated, Ning Yan asked Ning Yue about it. But Ning Yue had a foul expression the entire day and only said that everyone’s timing differed. How frustrating!

“Also, before you can control your shapeshifting, you’re not allowed to drink anymore,” Ning Yue reminded him coldly. “Don’t forget, if you let something slip, Lin Rong will get knocked out by the Pact-aura. Once he confirms your identity, the Pact-aura will keep him unconscious until you can control your shapeshifting. For the record, the longest it took a demon to control that process is a year.”  

Ning Yan immediately shut up, afraid of saying another word. 

They drove home in silence. After their evening ritual, the man and the dog settled down for the night. 

Since there was nothing he could do, Ning Yan could only set the problem aside.



Things were fine the next day. During the day time, Lin Rong stayed in the practice room writing songs and Ning Yan sprawled quietly by Lin Rong’s feet. The mood felt pleasant.

Around the evening, Jiang Xiaoning and Jiang Mo dragged Lin Rong out.

Jiang Xiaoning and Jiang Mo weren’t the homebody type.

Though Jiang Mo was a superstar himself, he went out in public all day long without worrying about the paparazzi.  After all, he had no romantic relationships to speak of and he wasn’t afraid of anything the paparazzi could get. 

The three of them met up at a private establishment they frequented. As they enjoyed a meal, they caught each other up. Most of the time, it was Jiang Xiaoning and Jiang Mo chatting away while Lin Rong listened. That was the way it had always been. 

Though today, Jiang Xiaoning and Jiang Mo discovered that Lin Rong was especially out of it. 

The two of them looked at each other and Jiang Mo asked, “Old Lin, what’s up with you?” 

Lin Rong turned his attention back to them and shook his head, saying calmly, “Nothing.” 

After a pause, he stood up and said, “I’m going to use the facilities.” 

Once he got to the restroom, he rinsed his hands under the faucet. After drying them with paper towels, he took out his phone. 

He hesitated for a bit and then sent another voice chat request. 

Still nothing. 

Lin Rong put down the phone and let out a soft sigh. 

It hadn’t been this hard to bear in the past, but ever since last night… 

Just then, footsteps sounded from behind him. He glanced behind him and looked into He Congsheng’s eyes as the guy walked into the bathroom.  

He Congsheng, too, was only taking a bathroom break in the middle of his meal. He looked into the eyes of someone he knew and his footsteps halted. He blinked and then his expression turned angry. “Fuck, what are you doing here!?”

Do he and this guy have a deathmatch scheduled or something? How else would he run into that guy when he was just out for a meal?!

His mood had been absolute shit ever since the previous night. Seeing this guy now, He Congsheng wanted to self-implode on the spot!

Lin Rong turned around and wanted to leave without saying anything. His expression was calm. 

He Congsheng… He Congsheng’s fury rose another level as he was being ignored. He kicked the bathroom door shut with his foot and glared angrily at Lin Rong. 

Lin Rong stopped and looked at He Congsheng without any expression. 

He Congsheng gritted his teeth. This guy and Ning Yan… the scene of them playing the game the previous night arose in his mind and turned his eyes red. 

After a period of silence, Lin Rong finally asked cautiously, “Are you all right?” 

He Congsheng shouted angrily, “I don’t need your sympathy!!!” 

Lin Rong, “…” 

He Congsheng had gotten himself drunk the previous night and at some point during the night, Li Xingwen had someone take him home. He woke up in his own bed and had no idea what this guy and Ning Yan had done after they left the table. 

He had wanted to call someone who was at the party the night before and ask, but he was too afraid to… In the end, he could only come out and grab drinks with his friends. 

But now that he had run into Lin Rong he… damn if he accepted this! 

He panted and demanded angrily, “You… and Ning Yan yesterday… what happened?” 

Lin Rong glanced at him and didn’t know what to say. 

He Congsheng regretted it once again and turned his back towards Lin Rong, hands covering his ears. He cried forlornly, “No, I don’t want to hear it!” 

“…” Lin Rong asked, “May I please get through?” 

He Congsheng whined, “No! I don’t want to!” 

His entire person was waffling between “want to know what happened between Ning Yan and Lin Rong” and “no, I don’t want to know how far they’ve gotten.” He felt like he was being torn in two. 

He Congsheng felt so upset, as if his entire body were soaked in bitterness. 

On one hand, he told himself that Ning Yan didn’t feel that way about him and as a friend, he needed to learn to let go. On the other hand, he didn’t want to give up and make it easy for these two to walk, hand-in-hand, into the sunset. 

Ever since he was young, He Congsheng had never met something he couldn’t have. He never thought falling in love would make him cry. After a night’s worth of stewing and this chance encounter, he decided to listen to the devil on his shoulder… and not be nice!

He put down his hands and said rashly, “Hey, did you know that Ning Yan hated your guts before?” 

Lin Rong paused, his expression chilling. 

He Congsheng was a little bit confused by this reaction. 

He had wanted to scare the guy, but it looks like the guy already knows it? 

When he realized what happened, his eyes glinted with happiness!

Hold up, what’s going on? When he brought it up last night, Ning Yan made sure to interrupt him. But Lin Rong is acting like he knows? 

Did the two of them get into an argument last night? 

The surprising realization made He Congsheng’s heart beat faster. He immediately said gleefully, “Oh, you know? Ning Yan really detested you before, though I don’t know what happened to make his attitude towards you change. Do you remember the trending topic on Weibo a couple years ago?” 

Lin Rong looked up at him. 

He Congsheng’s heart thudded and his voice rose in excitement, “He didn’t even see the second part of the sentence your fan posted. He hit the like button only because he thought that post was saying bad stuff about you, got it?”

Lin Rong tightened his hands into fists. 

Upon seeing this gesture, He Congsheng became even more excited. He started to spew out random things that were completely untrue. 

“Actually, I just saw him this afternoon and he refused to tell me what you guys did last night. Come to think of it, you guys must have cleared the air, right? Hmph, I knew something was up since he looked a bit sad. But he must have finally sorted himself out since he said he still disliked you. I had wondered why that was—” 

Lin Rong’s dark eyes turned even more indecipherable. 

He Congsheng shouted loudly, “I think you two have absolutely no chance of being together. Now that he’s given up, you should too! I’ll take care of Ning Yan from now on! He said so this afternoon too; turns out he likes me better than you!!” 

He Congsheng placed his hands on his hips and jutted his chin forwards as he finished his outburst. He was slightly out of breath. 

Lin Rong looked at him quietly for a very long time. 

He Congsheng’s gaze sharpened and he thought, Is the guy dazzled by me yet?

Suddenly, the bathroom door opened. The person stuck their head in and asked, slightly confused, “Uhhh, did I interrupt you two?”

“Not at all,” Lin Rong said as he tried to walk out. 

He Congsheng hurriedly grabbed his hand, “Hey!” 

Lin Rong patted the back of He Congsheng’s hand and soothed him in a gentle tone, “As long as you’re happy, it’s great. But you may want to think about sobering up.” 

Then he pulled his hand away and walked out. 

He Congsheng, “…” 

When he returned to his private room, Lin Rong sat down and sighed. 

Jiang Xiaoning and Jiang Mo were utterly confused. They asked, “What is up with you today?”

Lin Rong shook his head and the corners of his lips turned up. He said, “You know, today’s actually a day worth celebrating.” 

Jiang Xiaoning and Jiang Mo both adopted confused looks. 

Lin Rong had been distracted the entire day because he was separated from Yanyan. 

But He Congsheng’s sudden appearance made Lin Rong remember the intimacy he had shared with Yanyan the previous night. 

Yanyan’s shyness, his hug, and his kiss. 

He Congsheng’s words also made Lin Rong realize that there had been a misunderstanding between him and Yanyan. It had been a challenge to get to where they were today. 

Yanyan has something special he needs to do, he can wait.

But Yanyan’s heart was his already. 

He thought of this and the storm clouds in his eyes dissipated completely. A delighted smile appeared on Lin Rong’s face and blinded Jiang Xiaoning and Jiang Mo. 

Lin Rong voluntarily picked up the alcohol, filled his glass, and then said gently, “Come, let’s drink.” 

Jiang Xiaoning and Jiang Mo: “?????”

On the other hand, a thoroughly confused He Congsheng walked back to his own private room. He wondered, Did that guy get fooled or not?

Ning Yan waited around in utter boredom for an entire night. At 11, the locks turned and when the door opened… Lin Rong is being dragged in by Jiang Xiaoning???

He stood up and rushed over confusedly, circling around them. 

What happened? WHAT HAPPENED? What happened to the big pervert? 

Jiang Xiaoning hurriedly exclaimed, “Hey, Sese get out of the way. It’s over if I accidentally step on you.”

With that, he supported the man all the way to the sofa and put him down. 

Then he finally let out a breath and wiped the sweat on his head. He complained, “If you can’t hold your drink, then don’t drink. Just because you’re dating Ning Yan doesn’t mean you have to be this excited!” 

Then he tsk-ed at the tiny smidge of jealousy welling up in his heart. He remembered the scene at the dinner table, where his good friend drank while recounting what had happened the day before with a smile. He found it funny and shook his head again. 

Ning Yan, “???” 

The big pervert was so happy he got drunk? 

Ning Yan immediately felt moved. He stared enchanted at the man with tearful eyes. The man lay on the sofa with his eyes closed and his hand against his forehead. 

Jiang Xiaoning took out a bottle of cold water from the fridge and gulped down the contents. Afterwards, he came over and shoved Lin Rong. “Hey, you a bit more sober? Should we get you to bed?” 

Lin Rong shook his head without a word. 

Jiang Xiaoning didn’t have the strength to go much further. Besides, he thought the guy was in pretty decent shape on the way back. After a bit of downtime, he should be able to walk around by himself without a problem. So he simply asked, “Then I’ll be off?”

Lin Rong nodded again. “… Get out.” 

Jiang Xiaoning glanced worriedly but it was getting late, so he had to leave. 

When it was just the dog and the human left in the house, Ning Yan circled around Lin Rong.

When Jiang Xiaoning was there, Lin Rong seemed capable of saying a few words. Now that Jiang Xiaoning was gone, the guy seemed to realize he didn’t need to try and alleviate Jiang Xiaoning’s worries and he completely relaxed. He lay still and didn’t bother hiding how drunk he was. 

On one hand, Ning Yan felt happy at how foolish the man was being. On the other hand, he was also worried. 

He thought it over and then leapt up on the sofa suddenly. He stomped on Lin Rong’s chest and then patted the man’s face with his paws. He thought worriedly, Can the big pervert even wake up and get himself to bed? 

Ning Yan tried barking a couple times. 

The man didn’t react. 

Ning Yan then bit down on the man’s sleeve and yanked on it. The man mumbled, “Sese, don’t play…” 

“…” Ning Yan had nothing left. 

It’s not good for you to be lying on your back when you’re drunk! What if you want to puke!

Ning Yan was actually the kind who sucked at taking care of others. He couldn’t even take care of himself, much less others. 

But maybe love really can change someone. He couldn’t help but feel conflicted. Urgh, it’d be great if he could be human. He could take care of the big pervert…

Just as he finished his thought, he felt something happening with his body. 

It caught him off guard. In the next second, all he heard was a poof and then the world went black— 

When Ning Yan came to, he… was sprawled on Lin Rong. He straightened up in surprise and his eyes turned into saucers. He stared at himself in utter confusion. 

Two arms and two legs. Pale skin. Stark naked. 


He turned back into a human?!!

It has only been a day and there were no warning signs! He turned into a human just like that?!

Ning Yan grabbed his hair in disbelief and pinched his face. 

What is going on? Didn’t Ning Yue say there would be at least two weeks between transformations? Didn’t he say there’d be warning signs beforehand, without exception?!

How did he turn back into a human all of a sudden?!

Ning Yan froze helplessly. At the same time, the man under him murmured, “Heavy…” 

“…” Ning Yan struggled to climb off the man, but he accidentally pressed against an important body part. 

The man grunted. 

Ning Yan yelped, “Ah! I’m sorry!” 

He hurriedly removed his burning palm while his face turned beet red!

In the next second, the man’s eyes flew open. 

Their gazes met. 

Ning Yan froze. 

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