After Being Turned Into a Dog, I Conned My Way Into Freeloading At My Rival’s Place

Chapter 30: Party Animal Sese

Translator: Mukyuu
Editor: Mikyuu

Lin Rong didn’t sleep very much that night, waking up in the middle of the night and opening his bedroom door to peek out. He saw the little white puppy curled up in the dog bed, deeply asleep. 

A glint of something too complicated to describe flashed across Lin Rong’s eyes.

He thought back to all the things that happened after he had taken the little white puppy home, including the little tests he had done tonight. Lin Rong rubbed his forehead and questioned what was happening with his life as he wrestled with his own thoughts. 

The moment Ning Yan woke up the next day, he immediately felt weak and powerless, but he couldn’t let the big pervert realize that he was sick. Otherwise the big pervert would definitely not take him downstairs for a stroll.  


He lay there the entire day and thought anxiously about the fact that Ning Yue said he wouldn’t be able to come this entire week. That meant Ning Yan had to rely on Ji Shao, and if he couldn’t meet up with Mr. Award Winning Actor, aka Ji Shao, later… 

As he was contemplating this, he suddenly caught sight of Lin Rong walking out of his room while on the phone. 

“Ok, I got it, brother.” As Lin Rong said those words, he glanced over at Ning Yan. 

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“Sure,” Lin Rong promised. 


When he hung up, he walked over and squatted in front of the white puppy. He ruffled the puppy’s head and explained softly, “Sese, come with me to a pre-wedding party tonight.” 

Ning Yan blinked.

Pre-wedding party?

He figured out what was going on with just a few turns of his mental gears. 

Ning Yue had mentioned to him last week that their family friend Li Sis was getting married and would probably throw a pre-wedding bash this week. Ning Yue had to attend. 

So that’s today, eh? He’d forgotten but also didn’t know that Lin Rong had gotten an invite too. The man was usually at home by himself and never said more than necessary. Many times, Ning Yan had no idea where Lin Rong was going or what he was doing. 

Li Xingwen, or Li Sis as he called her, was the daughter of the award-winning actress from Morning Star Entertainment. They had a pretty good relationship and if Ning Yan hadn’t been in his demon form, he’d absolutely attend the party—Wait, hold up. Lin Rong is bringing him to the party? Did Ning Yue tell the big pervert to bring him? 

If that’s the case…

Ning Yan’s eyes lit up and he finally started wagging his tail. 


Ning Yue called Lin Rong and asked him to bring Ning Yan purely on impulse. 

When he heard from Li Xingwen that she had invited Lin Rong, he immediately thought that his bratty cousin was probably bored to tears while stuck at home with nothing to do. Since he was around, he might as well stand guard and let Ning Yan have some fun. 


He hadn’t thought that they’d coincidentally pick a time when Ning Yan would be shifting between forms. 

At about 7pm that night, a row of cars stopped in front of a luxurious mansion. 

Li Xingwen herself was not part of the entertainment industry. She had started her own design company and was her own boss. But she had quite a few friends in the entertainment industry and celebrities of varying star power attended that night’s party. 

When Ning Yan and Lin Rong arrived, the mansion was already filled with people and folks were partying it up in the pool. 

Lin Rong held Ning Yan as they walked through the crowd, and everyone’s gaze fell on them. 

The man dressed up slightly formally this day. He had opted for a white shirt and dress pants.

It had to be said that this was a killer outfit on Lin Rong. The man was tall with broad shoulders and a skinny but muscular waist. Even though Ning Yan was still silently feuding with Lin Rong, he couldn’t help but stare for a long time when he saw this outfit. 

With his hair brushed back to reveal a well-shaped forehead, the man’s handsome face was presented to its full advantage. 

Honestly, when the girls around them kept giving Lin Rong looks, Ning Yan wished with all his might that he could hide the man’s face from view. 

Of course—many of them were actually looking at Ning Yan. After all, his own popularity had skyrocketed as well. 

Li Xingwen walked out with Ning Yue and laughed when she saw Lin Rong and Ning Yan. 

Just then, Ning Yan suddenly had a question—and he got his answer when Li Xingwen gave him a teasing look. 


Li Xingwen knows about demons!!

“Sese is soooooo cute!” Li Xingwen wore a little black dress today and had exquisite makeup applied to her face. She looked radiantly beautiful as she walked over and greeted Lin Rong. Then she took Ning Yan into her arms and gauged his weight. “Oh, you’ve grown chubbier! What have you been eating at Lin Rong’s?” 

Ning Yan, “…” 

Very nutritiously-balanced kibble!

He stared unhappily at Li Xingwen. 

Li Xingwen scratched Ning Yan’s chin and taunted, “C’mon, bark for me!” 

Ning Yan snarled. 

Li Xingwen burst into peals of laughter. 

Ning Yue nodded at Lin Rong, thought for a second, and then said calmly, “Ning Yan will come by in a bit.” 

He is here and when he turns back into a human, it’ll be impossible for him to keep himself hidden. 

Can’t stop a baby cousin from walking down the aisle when he’s grown. 

Ning Yue thought with a blank face. 


Ning Yan shook his ears and wagged his tail. 

Lin Rong paused and then glanced at the little white puppy, as if sensing something. 

Li Xingwen didn’t leave them time to talk. She sneakily felt Ning Yan’s tummy and judged the temperature. Then she smiled at Lin Rong and said, “Go have fun! Eat and play well. I’m going to bring Sese over to Pengpeng!” 

Pengpeng was Li Xingwen’s young nephew. Everyone knew this. 

Lin Rong hesitated and asked, “Where is Pengpeng?”

“Hmm?” Li Xingwen kept on smiling as she answered, “Just upstairs. He refuses to come down. We’ll just have Sese keep him company—c’mon, it’s just for a few hours. Don’t be so worried. Ta!” 

With that, she turned around and left no room for debate. 

Lin Rong watched their retreating figures and his brows furrowed slightly. 

After Li Xingwen turned and left, she only walked a few steps before saying quietly, “Looks like it’s about time. Probably another hour.” 

Ning Yan barked mournfully. 

What kind of demon are you?

Li Xingwen lightly tapped Ning Yan’s puppy nose and smiled. “Guess?”


“Xingwen is a dolphin.” When they sat down in a room on the third floor, Ning Yue answered with an expressionless face. 

Ning Yan, “???” 

That was possible??

He’d run through birds, hamsters, and koi since they were well-known tropes from the internet, but he’d never considered something as elegant and sophisticated as dolphins! 

Ning Yue stated, “Nevermind that. When did you start feeling off yesterday?” 

Ning Yan answered truthfully, “Sometime around 8pm.” 

“Then it’s about time.” Ning Yue commanded, “Sleep.” 

The party had officially begun. Li Xingwen reappeared downstairs and opened a few bottles of champagne with her besties. Everyone had the time of their life.

The music boomed, mixed in with screams and shouts. 

Usually at the company, Li Xingwen had a serious and focused demeanor. Passersby would never know that in private, she was someone who would abandon all inhibitions when partying. 

An hour quickly passed as the crowd partied. Lin Rong sat by the pool the entire time and appeared to be in a different world than everyone else. 

Occasionally a girl would come over and try to start a conversation, but they all backed off after experiencing his cold attitude. It would only take a few sentences before they retreated to their friends, stuck out their tongues, and whispered, “He really is a cold one.” 

It was then that He Congsheng spotted Lin Rong—that was right, he was among those invited. 

He’d moped for a month and had finally come out. But as soon as he stepped out, he had to run into this guy who took the wind out of his sails! 

He remembered, to this very moment, that this man kept a hold of Ning Yan’s wrists that day and Ning Yan hadn’t even struggled! He had been bros with Ning Yan for so many years and never touched Ning Yan’s hand, just his shoulder! 

Every time he tried to sneakily reach for Ning Yan’s hand, Ning Yan would turn around and watch him with a cautious look. It made him sweat heavily every time and he never once dared to actually grab hold of his hands! 

He was drunk that day and forgot to ask what exactly was going on with Ning Yan and this guy. Weren’t they rivals?!

As a gay, He Congsheng was pretty sensitive when it came to these matters. He had a feeling that things weren’t going his way. 

He stomped over angrily. 

The man held a tall champagne glass in his hands and had his gaze lowered. The air around him seemed chilly. When the man looked up, He Congsheng’s steps stopped. 

In the next second, he took a deep breath and gathered up his courage. He walked over and smirked, “Hey, what are you doing here? Do you even know anybody here?” 

Lin Rong glanced at him and then lowered his gaze. 

He Congsheng felt pissed, but just as he was about to open his mouth he heard the man calmly say, “Ning Yue is here.” 

After a moment of silence, He Congsheng raised an eyebrow. “What does this have to do with Ning Yue?” 

The man continued with the same calm tone, “Ning Yue is Yanyan’s cousin.” 

He Congsheng stayed quiet. 

He would love to hit someone. 

He Congsheng’s entire forehead tensed and his smile turned vicious. “Ning Yue being here doesn’t mean that Ning… Yanyan’s here! What good will it do for you to keep ingratiating yourself with Ning Yue? Ning… Yanyan isn’t going to see it!” 

Lin Rong finally raised his head again and gave He Congsheng a silent look. 

He Congsheng raised his chin in a taunt. “What, you’re the only one allowed to call him ‘Yanyan’? Yanyan, Yanyan!” 

He Congsheng gritted his teeth as he thought, He’s had a crush on Ning Yan for so long and didn’t dare call him “Yanyan.” How dare this guy do it!

Yanyan, Yanyan. It sounded so sweet when said aloud.

So he continued with his taunt, “I’ll start calling him ‘Yanyan’ today. What are you going to do about it?”

The man glared at him. 

He Congsheng quietly gulped. 

In the next second, the man opened his mouth and said with his deep voice, “Yanyan.”

He Congsheng immediately choked on his own spit and called competitively, “Yanyan!” 

Lin Rong continued coldy, “Yanyan, Yanyan.” 

He Congsheng’s voice grew louder, “Yanyanyanyanyanyan!”

Lin Rong squinted and just as he was about to continue, an indifferent voice remarked next to them, “Excuse me, are you two trying to wake the dead?” 

He Congsheng and Lin Rong both paused and turned around. 

At some point, the slender youth had arrived and now stood just a few steps away. 

The young man also wore a white shirt and dress pants today. But though the outfit looked sexy on Lin Rong, it looked more energetic, youthful, and charming on Ning Yan.

It appeared as if he had paid some attention to his looks since his hair had gotten a once-over. His face appeared a bit rounder than before but it made him more attractive. 

He Congsheng jumped at Ning Yan’s sudden appearance and immediately began to stutter, “Yan… Nin-Ning Yan, what are you doing here? I heard Li Xingwen say before that you weren’t coming!”

“I’m here because I want to be here.” Ning Yan shot him a look. 

As soon as he had woken up, he took a shower, changed, quickly ran his fingers through his hair, and rushed downstairs. But what were these two idiots doing? He almost couldn’t recognize the “yan” sound anymore!

The idiot He Congsheng had even shouted it so loudly that everyone was looking at them. So embarrassing… 

With that, he looked at the man who had stood up, straightened his back slightly, and now kept looking at him silently— 

Ning Yan coughed lightly and then said, as if it wasn’t a big deal, “I’ll let you call me that once.” 

He Conghseng, “???” 

What kind of special privilege is this??

The man smiled slightly. 

Ning Yan refused to meet his gaze out of self-consciousness. 

Yet the man kept looking at Ning Yan while he said softly, “Yanyan, Yanyan, Yanyan, Yanyan.” 

He said it four times, enough so that Ning Yan couldn’t feel self-conscious anymore and blushed instead. 

He Congsheng took a few steps back and put a hand against his chest. He thought he might puke up enough blood to fill the entire swimming pool!

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