After Being Turned Into a Dog, I Conned My Way Into Freeloading At My Rival’s Place

Chapter 24: Is Your Dog A Human?

Translator: Mukyuu
Editor: Mikyuu

The five MCs and four other guests were already standing at their places, waiting for Lin Rong. 

Wei Zhounan was a bit distracted. Wu Yu, who stood next to him, was another MCs and whispered quietly to him, “Lin Rong’s dog has only been on the trending list once and now he’s appearing on the show. He didn’t seem like a glory-chaser. Who knew he’d be like this?” 

When Wei Zhounan gave no response, Wu Yu prodded him with an elbow. “Wake up, what’cha thinking?” 

“Ah? Nothing… “ Wei Zhounan knew why Wu Yu was gossiping with him. 


… It was because Wu Yu knew that Ning Yan had disliked Lin Rong, and since Wei Zhounan was Ning Yan’s buddy, Wei Zhounan would clearly be pro-Ning Yan. 

If the incident at Riverside hadn’t happened, Wei Zhounan would probably have thought the same. After all, his mantra was: Ning Bro’s enemy was his enemy!

Of course, he wouldn’t go along with Wu Yu; after all, he didn’t like that guy either. 

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The man walked towards the light. He was tall and slender, with broad shoulders and a narrow waist, and extremely handsome facial features. 


The white puppy ran joyfully towards them like a loose cannon! 

Wu Yu’s lips twitched and he scoffed. 

To use a friend’s dog to gain popularity, so laughable. He’s just going to sit here and see how cooperative that dog

Before he could finish his thought, the white puppy had reached them. The dog’s body lowered to the ground and, after drifting briefly, the puppy stopped right in the middle of the camera’s viewfinder. It lowered the front half of its body and raised its butt, looking straight at the camera with an intense expression. 

Such a great instinct for the camera, all the cameraman and directors sighed in astonishment. 

The other idols were also shocked. 

Lin Rong strolled up and called out, “Yeye.” 

According to Ning Yue, Yeye was Ning Yan’s name for the puppy—Ning Yue, of course, had completely made that up. 

But since they were filming, Lin Rong prudently decided that it would be better to use “Yeye.”

Yet when he spoke the name, the white puppy had absolutely no reaction to it. Instead, he continued to strike poses in front of the camera, tail wagging like crazy. 

“… Bwahahahaha!” One of the MCs burst into laughter. “Oh my, this little buddy is really vain!” 

Without a word, the other two MCs moved up so that they stood on either side of Ning Yan and struck poses while giving the camera deep and meaningful looks. 


Everyone else passed out laughing. 

Lin Rong was silent for a second and then called out with more emphasis, “Yeye.” 

The white puppy adopted a different pose and continued wagging his tail. 

Everyone else laughed even harder. Wu Yu smirked, enjoying Lin Rong’s moment of misfortune, and raised an eyebrow while he asked, “Old Lin, you sure this is your dog?” 

Of course noteveryone knew he was bringing his friend’s dog on the show!

Wei Zhounan opened his mouth and was just about to speak when Lin Rong took a deep breath and murmured quietly, “… Sese.” 

The white puppy’s ears twitched and he turned around to look critically at the man. 

Lin Rong put his palm against his forehead and said, “… Come over here.” 

The white puppy immediately turned around and rushed obediently over to Lin Rong. 

Upon seeing this, Wu Yu shut his mouth and the corners of his lips turned slightly downward. 

“Wait—” one of the senior MCs immediately stood up and asked in confusion, “What did you just call him?” 

Lin Rong stayed quiet, hoping to sweep this matter under the rug. 


But everyone crowded around and interrogated him, “Hurry and tell us! You called a different name just now, didn’t you?” 

“Wait, your dog has two names? An official name and a nickname? So formal.”

Ning Yan just realized what had happened and scrunched his neck—No, this was not his fault, it was all the big pervert’s fault! He always says “Sese” at home and now he suddenly switches to the normal-sounding “Yeye”! 

Though the interrogation wasn’t successful, the directors dutifully wrote down “sese.”1This was written down as Pinyin to indicate that the directors didn’t know which characters to use.  As for which “se” it was, they would just have to guess. 

Ning Yan’s unique entrance made almost everyone fall for his charm. A lot of the artists stopped to bend down and pet his head. Ning Yan squinted his eyes and looked like he was enjoying the attention. 

“Ohhh, he’s so smart. He’s got better camera-sense than Old Yuan over there!” 

“He’s more handsome than Old Lin!” 

“You two! Hahahahaha!” 

Since all the humans were busy petting Ning Yan, the other pets seemed pitiful in comparison. 

Ning Yan enjoyed the attention until he suddenly realized that the golden retriever had silently approached Lin Rong and the two cats were also sneakily walking towards Lin Rong— 

Alarm bells sounded in his mind! 

Just when the artists were enjoying the petting session, the white puppy hurriedly stood up and squeezed between their legs, rushing towards Lin Rong. He halted in front of Lin Rong and looked up with an intense expression. 


The artists were confused at first until they realized what had happened. Then they teased the two. 

“This… is this jealousy???”

“Such a strong sense of danger?” 

“I’m actually a little jealous of Old Lin…” 

Lin Rong bent down and the white puppy awkwardly squirmed into his arms. Lin Rong stood up with Ning Yan in his arms and let out a smile. 

Wei Zhounan looked at the scene in front of him and then glanced towards Wu Yu. 

That guy certainly didn’t have a nice expression on his face. 

Because it was obvious that not only was the white puppy well-behaved and very attached to Lin Rong, but the puppy also showed well on camera too. 

Not that far away, the assistant director whispered to the director, “Hey, Lin Rong’s been smiling a lot today.” 

The director nodded thoughtfully, his gaze landing on the white puppy. 

This episode should be worth watching. 


At the official start of the program, the directors announced the rules for this episode and then proceeded to divide everyone up. 

The guest stars and MCs were paired by having the pets choose an MC with whom to team up.

Considering that real animals had a hard time being this cooperative, the MCs took the initiative and crouched down in front of the pets, reaching out with their hands and doing everything they could to entice the animals towards them. 

In the end, the teams got formed but the animals all looked very confused. 

Except for Ning Yan. 

When it was his turn, before the other MCs could even make a move, he set out first and ran up to Wei Zhounan, pressing a paw against Wei Zhounan’s leg and indicating very firmly that he was done. 

Wei Zhounan, “…???” 

He feels honored? 

“Lin Bro, your dog is really, really smart!” Xue Lian couldn’t hold back his surprise. “I’m starting to suspect that he’s actually human!” 

Lin Rong remained calm and looked twice at the white puppy before his gaze landing on Wei Zhounan. 

Wei Zhounan felt conflicted when he realized that this meant he was on the same team as Lin Rong. 

Ning Yan slapped Wei Zhounan a couple of times in dissatisfaction, Hurry and get over there!

Wei Zhounan looked down and understood the dissatisfaction and encouragement in the puppy’s eyes. He felt like he was being forced but gathered up his courage and walked over with a smile. 

Lin Rong had been observing Wei Zhounan this entire time. When Wei Zhounan walked over with a stiff smile, Lin Rong suddenly asked, “Did you know that Ning Yan has a pet dog?” 

Wei Zhounan took a few seconds to process Lin Rong’s question and responded stupidly, “Ah? Dog? When did he get a dog?” 

Ning Yan paused as he suddenly remembered about this part of the plan. He looked up guiltily at Lin Rong. 

The man lowered his gaze to look at the puppy. 

Then the man casually looked away, raised his eyes, and said lightly, “Nevermind.” 

Ning Yan, “…”

What, what kind of reaction is this?

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