Chapter 22: Birthday Presents

Translator: Mukyuu
Editor: Mikyuu

After the fiasco with the cockroach, the tension between the human and the dog eased up. 

Lin Yin had quite the time watching the show unfold and said to her mother, “It’s a shame they don’t go film a drama together!” 

Ning Yan felt like he was on cloud nine from all the soothing words the man had said. In response to Lin Rong, he merely wagged his tail so fast there was only a blur. 

The orange cat and the Ragdoll spotted Lin Rong coming back in and walked towards Lin Rong, one on each side and both meowing the entire time. 

Ning Yan’s eyes sharpened. What, trying to steal his attention again?!

Lin Rong coughed lightly and carefully walked around them. 

The two cats stood still and tilted their heads in confusion. Ning Yan finally felt better and voluntarily rubbed up against Lin Rong’s shoulder. He barked happily, “Woof!”

The man curled his fingers and tapped lightly on the puppy’s head, the gesture full of resigned indulgence. 

Mr. Lin shook his head as he laughed and then called, “Come sit down; we’ve already got the cake out.” 

Clearly the entire family had been waiting on the two of them. 

It was a mille crepe1 . The Lin family took tradition seriously and stuck a candle shaped like the number “25” on top of the cake. 

The dog and the human were in the middle of being affectionate with one another. Lin Rong simply sat down with Ning Yan in his arms. Mr. Lin lit the candle while Lin Yin turned off the lights. Then the family began to sincerely sing “Happy Birthday to You.” 

Ning Yan looked up. 

The candle flickered and its light illuminated the man’s gentle features. 

After Lin Yin urged him to “make a wish, make a wish,” the man closed his eyes. 

Ning Yan wagged his tail and thought, What is the big pervert wishing for?

Nobody knew. A few seconds later, the man opened his eyes and blew out the candle. 

The other three cheered and Ning Yan contributed his own series of barks. 

Happy Birthday, big pervert!

Lin Yin suddenly became excited. “Hey, why don’t we take a photo together? We haven’t taken a photo together in such a long time!” 

“Who’ll take it? Ms. Lin2A different Lin, not related to the Lin family. Based on the form of address, Ms.Lin is likely an “aunt” (i.e. housekeeper) who helps around the house, doing things like grocery shopping/cooking/light cleaning, etc.  isn’t here today,” Mrs. Lin asked as she hid a smile. 

“I’ll do it, I’ll do it. You guys go over there.” Mr. Lin stood up. 

Mr. Lin had volunteered himself, so Lin Yin and her mother stood up smiling and then sat down on either side of Lin Rong. 

Two beautiful ladies and a handsome guy—they certainly made a pretty picture. 

Mr. Lin smiled, happy at the sight, and counted, “One, two, three—” 

Lin Rong suddenly looked down at Ning Yan and then flipped him around so the white puppy stared, utterly confused, at the camera. 

As Mr. Lin finished his countdown with “cheese,” the scene was captured on film. 

Ning Yan, “…?”

He turned around and stared unhappily at Lin Rong. 

He hadn’t been ready!

Lin Rong smiled as he scritched under Ning Yan’s chin. 

Though Ning Yan’s ears flattened in pleasure, his gaze was still accusing—It’s a serious matter; that photo can be considered an unflattering shot!

Lin Yin ran over excitedly and burst out laughing upon seeing the confused puppy in the photo. She took the phone and said to Lin Rong, “Big brother, Sese!” 

The siblings knew each other’s minds and Lin Rong could easily tell her intention. The corners of his mouth lifted as he raised Ning Yan up a bit more. 

Ning Yan took this opportunity and placed his two front paws against the side of the dining table. He turned his head slightly and gave the camera a deep and cool look. 

Lin Yin snapped the shot and then rolled on the floor laughing. “Big brother look at him, hurry!” 

Lin Rong looked at the phone that Lin Yin handed over. The puppy had an excellent sense of the camera and his expression was haughty and devilish, which made Lin Rong laugh. 

He lightly pressed Ning Yan’s paws and asked in amazement, “Sese, how are you so smart?”

After all, that was who he was!

Ning Yan looked up full of pride. 

The dinner lasted until around 8pm. 

Ning Yan got an extra serving of chicken and beef that day and felt content. 

After he had his fill, he jumped off Lin Rong’s lap and headed outside. 

Lin Rong called out after him and saw the tail wag Ning Yan gave in response. He relaxed, knowing that Ning Yan wasn’t throwing a temper tantrum this time. 

When Ning Yan ran into the yard, he was still a little scared of meeting another cockroach. But he forced himself to gather up his courage and search around the yard. 

Even after Lin Rong had helped to clear the table, he still hadn’t seen the puppy come back in. Just as he walked out, he ran into the puppy coming towards him. 

The white puppy lifted his head and wagged his tail. He held a single flower gently in his mouth. 

It was of an unknown species and was very likely just a wildflower from somewhere in the garden. The flower was pink and pretty, in a delicate way. 

Lin Rong crouched down, surprised. “… Is this for me?” 

The white puppy raised his head slightly and indicated for Lin Rong to take the flower. 

Lin Rong opened his mouth and then closed it. His gaze fell back on the flower. 

The next second, he stretched out a hand, palm up. The white puppy lowered his head and  opened his mouth to let the flower land gently in Lin Rong’s palm. 

The puppy’s tail kept wagging rapidly and he looked at Lin Rong with shining eyes. 

Lin Rong looked down at the tiny flower in his palm and asked with a very soft and hoarse voice, “Sese, is this your birthday present for me?” 


It sucks that he’s not in human form right now, or he’ll personally deliver a better present!

Ning Yan thought, The next time he turns into a human, he’ll need to give him another present—or maybe he’ll have Ning Yue deliver a present to Lin Rong on his behalf. 

As for Lin Rong… since he said he’d like Sese even if Sese is lecherous and rambunctious, then that means he’ll always keep liking him, right? 

Ning Yan walked over and nudged his head against the man’s knees. 

Lin Rong swallowed as emotions coursed through him. 

He reached out and ruffled Ning Yan’s head, saying with a smile, “Thank you Sese, I really like the present.” 


They went back inside, where Lin Rong gave Ning Yan a bath. So Ning Yan… finally climbed onto the man’s bed! 

He jumped around like a maniac on Lin Rong’s bed while Lin Rong watched in resignation. 

Then Lin Rong remembered the flower and his gaze softened. 

Ning Yan was so excited that he started panting. When his gaze landed on the life-sized body pillow, a glint flashed across his eyes— 

Lin Rong was about to turn around when the white puppy suddenly walked over to the body pillow and then glanced up at him. 

Lin Rong felt like something was going to happen and, in the next second, he saw the white puppy turn around and nonchalantly sit down on the body pillow… right on Yanyan’s face. 

Lin Rong, “…”

Ning Yan stared at him, tail wagging. 

Now what, now what? Is he going to scold him? Or spank him?!

Lin Rong took a deep breath and… held it in. He said in an extra low voice, “… I’m going to shower; behave.” 

Then he grabbed his clothes tightly in a fist and walked into the bathroom. 

Ning Yan: Hahahahahahahaha!

Not only did he win against the two cats, but he has also triumphed over the fake Yanyan! Yay!

For Ning Yan, today was undoubtedly a day of victories. He felt extremely comfortable right now and had no desire to cause any more trouble. When Lin Rong had finished his shower and walked out, the white puppy was obediently lying, with all four paws in the air, next to the pillow. When the puppy saw Lin Rong, he even wriggled his body as a sign of welcome. 

Lin Rong couldn’t help but glance at the pillow and let out a silent sigh of relief when he saw that the pillow was still intact. 

After Lin Rong had gotten on the bed, Ning Yan finally recovered his wits enough to feel shy—the big pervert wasn’t wearing a shirt. 

Lin Rong had no idea the puppy was feeling embarrassed. He dried his hair and sat at the head of the bed and picked up his phone. 

He scrolled to the two photos Lin Yin had sent him. Lin Rong looked at them and then looked at the pink flower on his nightstand and couldn’t resist the smile forming on his face. He turned around to look at the puppy. 

The white puppy was sneakily pressing against Lin Rong’s arm muscles. 

He pressed on those muscles once, met Lin Rong’s gaze and immediately turned around, covering his face with his paws in embarrassment. 

The big stinker! He hasn’t seen the man spend a lot of time exercising, how come he has such well-defined muscles?! He likes them so much! 

Lin Rong let out a laugh and didn’t think much of it. He ruffled the white puppy’s head and thought of something. 

He sent Ning Yue a message, looked at the reply, and then carefully studied the two photos before posting them on Weibo. 

Afterwards, he suddenly realized something. He turned around to look at the white puppy and said questioningly, “Why has Yanyan never posted a photo of you?” 

Yanyan was someone who loved taking selfies. He also couldn’t resist taking photos with pets that he met while working. But almost nobody knew that Yanyan had a pet dog. 

Ning Yan froze at the question. 


Original Author’s Note (selected): My dear readers, this is a fluffy romance without any logic. I’m having fun writing it and I hope you’re having fun reading it. 

I’ve never tortured anyone (except for Mr. He Congsheng) and will not torture anyone (aside from Mr. He Congsheng) in the future. Please stop saying that I’m torturing Yanyan. Yanyan’s mood changes so quickly because he’s very well aware that he can’t really seriously feud with a cat… He also knows what Lin Rong is like as a person… 

The cat is just a cat and Ning Yan is a human! If he were in human form today, he’d be petting the cat too!

I’ve said this before, but this is like how you’d treat a girl and a boy differently. You have a harder time being physical with a girl than you do with a boy, but did anyone really think that the spanking was real? 

Honestly, when I’m “spanking” my dogs, it doesn’t hurt them and they think I’m playing with them. Because I can’t bear the thought of actually hitting my dogs and I’m just pretending. 

As for the teasing, it’s entirely because Yanyan is smart, a little naughty, and very clever. Lin Rong apologized as soon as he realized he went overboard. In other words, it’s because he feels emotionally closer to Yanyan that Lin Rong teased him. Otherwise, someone with his personality wouldn’t do anything like that. 


50% reader, 40% translator, and 10% snarker.

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