Chapter 21: Bravely Vanquishing Evil

Translator: Mukyuu
Editor: Mikyuu

In the evening, it was Lin Yin who took Ning Yan out for his walk. 

The leash was the same one from Lin Rong’s apartment. 

The young girl chatted happily about this and that and Ning Yan, still sulking, let her do as she wished. He got ready while completely distracted and strolled around the neighborhood of mansions. 

The weather was nice and they ran into two other pet owners walking their own dogs. In addition, they also met a stray orange cat. 

Ning Yan glared at it and received a “what’s-your-problem” look from the cat before it casually strolled off with its tail up in the air. 

From this day onwards, he hates cats the most! 

Ning Yan thought dejectedly. 

Actually, his mind was on another matter. 

The Lins had cats ever since Lin Rong was young. Lin Rong had soared to popularity as soon as he debuted and back then Mrs. Lin had uploaded a short video clip to Weibo, taken when Lin Rong was around five. 

In the video, little Lin Rong was sprawled out on the floor and kept meowing at the family’s black cat. 

After a long period of meowing, the black cat’s gaze turned more and more suspicious before it stood up and strategically backed away. To everyone’s surprise, Lin Rong crawled after it. So the black cat turned around and fled with little Lin Rong stumbling after it, meowing at the cat the entire time. The clip was hilarious and the sound of Lin Rong’s mother bursting into laughter could be heard in the background. 

The video had become a trending topic as soon as it was uploaded. The netizens said that they had never expected such an ice prince to be so silly as a child. Because of this, Lin Rong’s fans gave him the nickname “Miao Bro,” and even Lin Rong’s manager Lu Ming would call him that. 

The black cat had died sometime when Lin Rong was in high school. When Lin Rong started college, his family got the two cats they still had to this day. Lin Rong hadn’t posted a lot of pet photos online but his mother and sister would, and his fans would gather on their social media pages to coo over the cats. 

So the guy has always liked cats better!

Ning Yan felt even more neglected!

What’s wrong with dogs? Aren’t dogs pretty? Cute?


Of course, nobody knew how depressed Ning Yan was the entire time. He just knew that they couldn’t go back to the Lin house yet because Lin Yin kept wondering, “Sese, why haven’t you peed or pooped yet? Hurry up, pee!” 

The young girl kept trying to drag Ning Yan to the lawn but Ning Yan refused with all his strength. 

Lin Yin: “No, if you don’t do your business, then we can’t go home. You can’t pee or poop at home!” 

Ning Yan: “Woof, woof, woof, woof!!!” 

Lin Yin: “No clue what you’re saying, hurry and poop! If you don’t poop, we’ll walk one more round!” 

Ning Yan: “ Awwwooooooo!” They’ve already walked two circles!! They’ve been out for almost an hour now!!

Lin Yin: “Pee… you can’t pee? Then poop!” 

Ning Yan: despair.jpg

Just as it looked like the girl and the dog would be stuck in this weird feedback loop forever, Ning Yan finally saw the figure of someone walking towards them. 

Lin Rong spotted his younger sister and the white puppy staring at each other across the lawn, poised as if in a game of tug-of-war. After a brief moment of silence, he asked, “… How come you took such a long walk?” 

Lin Yin wiped the sweat on her face. “Brother, he hasn’t peed or pooped!” 

The man looked towards the white puppy and the puppy turned his head aside with a stubborn expression on his face. 

Lin Rong sighed, “Let’s go home first. He’s not used to doing his business outside.” 


When they returned to the Lin home, Lin Rong’s mother had already piled the table with personally cooked dishes. The parents called for the kids to hurry and come sit down for the meal. 

After Ning Yan was detached from the leash, he was originally going to go hide in the corner. But unexpectedly, the orange cat bumped him from behind and he stumbled forwards. 

Ning Yan turned around to see the orange cat blithely ignoring him. 

Ning Yan, “…” 

This cat is asking for it, absolutely asking for a fight!!

The orange cat ran over and lightly jumped onto a chair and then stood up to crawl up onto the table. 

“Fanfan! Not allowed!” Mrs. Lin shouted. 

“Fanfan certainly acts like a starving ghost,” Lin Yin teased. 

Ning Yan looked on angrily and turned around to run outside in frustration as soon as he saw the man come out of the bathroom.

“Sese!” Lin Rong called out. 

The white puppy ignored the call and continued running until he had reached the porch outside the house. 

Lin Rong frowned slightly. 

During the summertime, night fell much later. Right now there was still a beautiful sunset in the sky, with the clouds looking like someone had lit a fire beneath them. 

The temperature had dropped slightly and the wind that blew by wasn’t as frustratingly hot as before. It jingled the windchimes hanging above the porch so that the chimes made a pleasant tinkling sound.

Inside the house, there was laughter and spirited talk. Outside, it was much quieter. 

Ning Yan lay down dispiritedly and stared dazedly at the bushes underneath the porch. 

Not long after, the door behind him opened. 

Ning Yan identified the footsteps and turned around. The person squatted down next to him and petted his head. He asked quietly, “Sese?” 

Ning Yan remained silent. 

“Still mad?” The man used his hand to gently force Ning Yan to look at him. 

Ning Yan averted his gaze and kept staring at the ground. 

“I was just teasing you this afternoon, I won’t do it anymore. Be good Sese and don’t be upset anymore okay?” The man soothed gently. 

Just teasing him?

Ning Yan stared up accusingly. 

That gentle tap given to the orange cat was also just “teasing” him?

The stinker wasn’t like this when hitting him! 

As though Lin Rong could understand what Ning Yan was trying to say with that look, his gaze shifted left and right before he coughed lightly and explained, “Ummm… Fanfan… I have a hard time being strict with them…” 

Ning Yan, “…” 

Who doesn’t deserve to be spoiled!!!

Go away, you jerk!!!

The white puppy stood up angrily and made to run down from the porch. Lin Rong immediately blocked him. “Sese!” 

Ning Yan roared, “Woof, woof, woof woof!” 

Let go! From this day forwards their relationship has been severed!

“Sese, I’m sorry.” For the first time, the man looked awkward.

Ning Yan, “Awwooooooo!” 

It’s too late now, it’s too late for anything!!

The heart-broken puppy wanted to push aside the man’s hand so he could run out. The human and the dog started a round of “you run and I block” before a sudden buzzing sound interrupted them. 

Ning Yan instinctively turned towards the direction of the sound on his left, just to see a giant shadowy figure flying towards him! 

The shadow flew haphazardly but it was very fast. Its wings flapped at a terrifying speed and it looked like something seen in the summer— 

A moment of confusion passed before Ning Yan’s fur stood on end when he realized what it was!

His heart almost stopped. In the next second, he backed up in terror and howled, “Awooo~Awoo~Awoo!!!” 

Cockroach!! A gigantic cockroach!!

Ning Yan was terrified of cockroaches. If he saw one, he’d go numb in his extremities and break out in cold sweat. If the cockroach flew into the air, he’d lose his mind!!

Now the little puppy had completely lost his mind. He turned around and began fleeing!

Lin Rong stood there, stunned. He turned around a fraction of a second too late and could only watch as the white puppy fled towards the end of the porch. The cockroach chased aggressively after the puppy, which resulted in the puppy racing back towards Lin Rong in abject terror and launching himself into the air!

Lin Rong hurriedly caught and cradled the puppy in his arms. He subconsciously swatted at the cockroach chasing after Ning Yan when his hand accidentally smacked against a splinter on a corner of the wall. 

Ning Yan heard the man cradling him let out a hiss and hurriedly stuck his head out to see. 

The man’s slender and beautiful hand had a wound on the back, from which blood seeped. 

The man’s brows furrowed. 

Does it hurt very badly?

Just then, the buzzing sound came again. The cockroach once again came at them, this time aiming for Lin Rong!

Before Lin Rong could move, Ning Yan got angry—Is there an end to this? Is there? What is wrong with it that it has to keep coming after them?!

Maybe at that exact moment the anger due to the man getting hurt had outweighed his fear, but Ning Yan snarled, stood on his legs, and waved his paws in the air while howling. He launched himself at the shadowy shape!

After a round of furious and chaotic thrashing, the puppy jumped up and down as he stomped on the thing beneath his paws without even looking. 


When the man held him again and lifted him so that all four of his paws were off the ground, Ning Yan finally saw the cockroach splattered unmovingly on the floor. 

It’s over….

Ning Yan was in a daze. 

He had vanquished a cockroach for the first time in his life… 

As he realized what he had done, Ning Yan felt the goosebumps break out on his skin and he sagged as the fight left his body. 

He hurriedly moved his gaze away from the cockroach’s corpse and sniffed worriedly at the man’s left hand, letting out a series of low whines. 

Lin Rong ruffled Ning Yan’s head, smiled slightly, and said comfortingly, “I’m fine, don’t worry.” 

He had seen the puppy’s transformation and felt something warm take root in his heart. 

He turned the puppy around so that they faced each other. Lin Rong’s eyes were full of laughter as he asked, “Sese, you were afraid but you still rushed up there to protect me, right?”

Ning Yan stiffened and the awkwardness returned. 

… So, so what?

Ning Yan thought resentfully, Cockroaches are super disgusting!

The man got his answer from the puppy’s once-again wagging tail. He laughed quietly. 

“Sese’s the best,” his voice said warmly, “I love Sese the most.” 

Ning Yan, “…” 

In the sky behind the man, the flame-colored clouds flowed into one another like an ocean. 

The man hugged the white puppy close to his chest and gently stroked the puppy over and over with his hand. In a low and soft voice, he explained, “Sese, I really was just teasing you before. I won’t take you to get neutered. I like you, no matter how lecherous you are or how troublesome you are. Don’t be upset anymore, okay Sese?” 

Ning Yan’s heart trembled. 

Then he let out a tiny snort. 

… Really? Really? He won’t believe it. Say it again!

The man placed a kiss on the white puppy’s head. 

Ning Yan, Oh okay! 


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  1. kleep

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      Actually I got chased by cockroaches myself ughh the worst feeling ever because I dislike it very much.