Chapter 20: Betrayed For Cats

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Editor: Mikyuu

Jealousy could make a dog crazy. 

Even as he was being furiously petted, Ning Yan kept looking at the two cats, snarling and scratching the ground with his paws. 

“Hmm?” Lin Yin bent down to look at Ning Yan and then loudly called out to Lin Rong, “Brother, your dog is jealous!” 

The man turned around, which scared Ning Yan half to death. He immediately turned around and shut his mouth while his fur stood up. 

He, he absolutely isn’t, hng!

Lin Yin was still chattering away enthusiastically, “He was showing his teeth earlier. The puppy is so jealous, hahahaha!” 

“…” Ning Yan turned around and got angry at Lin Yin. “Woof, woof, woof, woof!”

Lin Yin continued, “He’s embarrassed, embarrassed! Eyy, this wouldn’t be a little female puppy, right?” 

As she asked the question, she reached over and was about to lift Ning Yan’s tail up to peek at his butt. 

Ning Yan dodged angrily. “AWOOOOOOO!!” 

Their father glanced sideways at his daughter. “Stop being a creep; even the dog is more civilized than you!” 

Lin Yin laughed uncontrollably, “Hahahahahaha!” 

Ning Yan… Ning Yan was about to explode with anger! 

The man’s gaze passed over the little white puppy and his lips twitched into a slight smile, but he remained silent.

It was noisy and chaotic on one side and on the other side, Lin Rong’s mother asked her son, “Did Jiang Xiaoning and Jiang Mo not invite you out for your birthday this year?” 

As she said it, Ning Yan stopped in surprise and fell silent. 

Lin Rong shook his head and explained, “We met up day before yesterday; not going out today.” 

“How rare,” Lin Rong’s mother smiled, “it would have been nice to have them come by.”

“They’re too lazy to come. Besides, they like to play and we can’t sing or play ball here; they wouldn’t come!” Lin Yin knew very well what her brother’s two friends were like. 

While they chatted, Ning Yan sat off to the side and thought, That’s right, he almost forgot that today is Lin Rong’s birthday!

Even though he had thought of Lin Rong as his number one rival before, the saying “if you know the enemy and yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles”1知己知彼百战百胜 comes from Sun Tzu’s The Art of War. The full quote and a translation of it can be found here: meant that while Ning Yan might not remember anyone else’s birthday, he’d definitely remember Lin Rong’s.  

No wonder Lin Rong had suddenly returned to the Lin family home today. 

Ning Yan shook his ears as unrealistic thoughts began to drift through his head. He clenched his paws and thought, It’s the big pervert’s birthday; if he could turn back into human-shape that’d be nice… and then he thought about his current dilemma, and his mood turned sour again. 

Nope, maybe when the big pervert realizes the truth he won’t even want to see him anymore! 

Ning Yan went off to sulk again. 

The family sat down to catch-up for a bit and then Lin Rong went upstairs. 

He only visited once in a while but nobody had touched the things in his room, and their housekeeper would regularly clean his room. 

The two cats crowded around him and followed him upstairs. Ning Yan watched the proceedings and, when the man didn’t call for him, he felt neglected and jealous. 

The other three members of the Lin family laughed and chatted beside him but Ning Yan felt suffocated. He tried to resist but couldn’t. In the end, he gave in, gritted his teeth, and followed along upstairs. He comforted himself that he was just bored, he was just strolling around because he was bored, he didn’t care at all, hmph!

The man walking ahead turned his head slightly and caught sight of the white dog silently trotting behind him out of the corner of his eye. His lips lifted into a smile again.

Lin Rong’s room was at the end of the second floor. When the door opened, Ning Yan was stunned into silence by the posters plastered all over the room and the exact same life-sized body pillow on the bed. 

He didn’t know why he wasn’t very surprised, though he was still stunned. 

Wait… come to think of it, this guy is this obvious about it?!

Ning Yan was flabbergasted. 

This, does this mean that everyone in Lin Rong’s family, including the cleaning ladies they’ve hired, know that this pervert is obsessed with him?

The white puppy’s face cycled through several emotions in rapid succession. He vacillated between shyness and frustration indecisively. 

On the other hand, the man walked calmly inside and checked over the posters on the wall. He nodded approvingly and wore a satisfied smile. 

The two cats followed elegantly and the orange cat suddenly jumped lightly onto the bed— 

Immediately, Ning Yan objected. Are those paws clean? The big pervert hasn’t even let him on the bed yet!

As if Lin Rong heard the sound, he turned around. 

Ning Yan looked up at the man. Hurry, get it off the bed!

The orange cat looked at the man, meowed enticingly, put its paws together, and then elegantly sat down… right on the face of the body pillow with Ning Yan’s image… 

Ning Yan, “…” 

Lin Rong, “…” 

The white puppy raged, “AWOOO~AWOOO~AWOOO!!!” 

The orange cat tilted its head, remained where it was, and continued asking for the man’s attention, “Meow? Meow, meow!” 

Ning Yan howled, “Woof, woof, woof, woof!!!” 


Lin Rong took a deep breath and walked over to the bed to pick up the orange cat. 

Ning Yan, Yes, that’s right; get it off!!!

The white puppy panted in anger. 

In the next second, he saw the man had put the orange cat down on the other side of the bed and chided, “Fanfan, you can’t sit willy-nilly like this. This is Yanyan.” 

The orange cat, “Meow, meow, meow.” 

The man gently continued, “Behave, good cat.” 

The orange cat, “Meow, meow, meow.” 

The man gently petted the orange cat on its head. 

Ning Yan, “???”

That’s it? That’s it? No neuter warning? No spanking? 

How do you know that its “meow meow meow” wasn’t talking back at you?!

It’s because “meow meow meow” sounds nicer than “woof, woof, woof”??? 

It has committed the ultimate sin of sitting on Yanyan’s face!!!

All of the puppy’s fur puffed up. 

The man, as if sensing this, turned around to look at him. 

Ning Yan bared his teeth angrily and snarled. 

The man hesitated, turned back silently, and then tapped the orange cat’s butt. 

The orange cat, “Meow?” 

After a few seconds of silence, the man petted the cat again. 

Ning Yan, “…” 

Lin Rong, you’re so dead


Ning Yan had finally been enlightened. 

The big pervert likes the gentle, well-behaved kind. That’s why he dislikes him, ha. 

So he definitely won’t like him anymore, right? No big deal, he’s totally fine. If the big pervert won’t like him, he won’t like the big pervert anymore either!!

Ning Yan panted and then turned around to run back downstairs, heartbroken. 

In the room, Lin Rong turned around when he spotted the white puppy running out of the room. He frowned and thought for a moment. 

“Meow…” The orange cat walked over and rubbed against his palm when he stopped petting it. 

“Be good, Fanfan.” Lin Rong ruffled the cat’s head again, turned around to look at the door, and then walked out with a sigh. 

Ning Yan was really upset, upset like he’d never been before— 

Nobody can make him feel better!

Lin Yin was eating watermelon and watching the TV when she spotted the white puppy coming downstairs by himself. She immediately turned her attention away from the TV. Then she caught sight of her brother following the white puppy and asked jokingly, “Brother, why does it look like you two fought?” 

Lin Rong opened his mouth as if to speak, but the white puppy ran like a rocket over to Lin Yin. 

Lin Yin felt honored by the attention and immediately put down the watermelon. She wiped her hands on some paper towels and then patted her leg. “Come up and watch TV with me!” 

Ning Yan jumped up; naturally, he didn’t feel comfortable sitting on her lap, so he landed next to her. 

Hmph, even if the big pervert won’t let him climb on the bed, there are a ton of people who’ll let him get on… the sofa!

Ning Yan knew the big pervert was looking at him, but he stubbornly refused to turn around. Then he sadly tucked himself into a ball and lay down. 

Lin Yin saw how well-behaved the puppy was and didn’t tease him. She said, in a tone used on children, “There, there, my darling is the best.” 

She stroked Ning Yan’s back over and over as she said those words. 

“…” Lin Rong, after a moment of silence, opened his mouth and said, “… His paws haven’t been wiped yet.” 

Ning Yan ground his teeth silently. You weren’t upset with the orange cat when it jumped on your bed!

Lin Yin said dismissively, “Fanfan and Dundun do this too, and they even jump onto the bed; it’s all the same.” 

Ning Yan whined softly and nudged at Lin Yin’s arm. 

Lin Yin instantly understood how to make friends with this proud and slightly awkward puppy. Her eyes lit up and she turned around to chide her brother, “Big brother, really, you ignore him as soon you come back and see Fanfan and Dundun. That’s why he’s angry! An owner must show love to everyone equally—” 

Ning Yan raised his head and stared at Lin Yin. 

Lin Yin immediately changed her position and said, “An owner must know who you love the most! If you love everyone equally, you’ll be smote!” 

Her brother looked at her emotionlessly. 

Ning Yan put his head down in satisfaction. 

Lin Yin had a great time ruffling Ning Yan’s head. She pretended to be older than her age and said, “Oohh look, he loves you so much and you don’t love him!” 

Ning Yan, Hmph!

Lin Rong sighed deeply and walked over. He lowered his gaze to look at the puppy lying next to Lin Yin with his head stubbornly lowered. 

A few seconds of silence later, Lin Rong called out, “Sese.” 

The white puppy remained unmoving as if he hadn’t heard anything. 

Lin Yin just about died of laughter. 


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