After Being Turned Into a Dog, I Conned My Way Into Freeloading At My Rival’s Place

Chapter 2: You Lecherous Puppy

Chapter 2: You Lecherous Puppy!

Translator: Mukyuu
Editor: Mikyuu

That’s right, Ning Yan successfully completed his con. 

When he sat down on the backseat of the car, his face was full of satisfaction. 

Che, this Lin Rong guy. He was so cold before and now look at him, taking home a puppy. Typical of him to say one thing and do something else. 


He knew that nobody could resist Ning Yan’s charm. Not even men!

The little white puppy repeatedly glanced over at the driver’s seat, his eyes filled with obvious pride. 

Every once in a while, the man sitting in the driver’s seat would look at the rear view mirror. 

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Lin Rong glanced down in amazement at the little white puppy. 


As they waited in the lobby for the elevator, Ning Yan thought to himself that today would be the day he got to see Lin Rong’s true face. 

When they entered the elevator, Ning Yan imagined that if he turned back to human one day, Lin Rong would be so scared he’d beg him to never tell his secrets. He cackled internally at the thought. 

When the human and dog stopped in front of unit 1501, Ning Yan thought he had made the right decision to come home with Lin Rong. The next few days would be so much fun. 

And then Lin Rong took out the keys and opened the door. 

The room was pitch black. Lin Rong walked in and turned on the living room lights. 

In a second, bright light spread through the room and lit up Ning Yan’s puppy face, complete with a weird smirk. 

And then Ning Yan’s smirk froze. 

For several moments, he didn’t know how to respond because the living room was filled with posters. 

He really meant filled. There were posters as far as the eye could see and they were all posters of people. They filled the walls to the point where Ning Yan almost thought the walls themselves were made of posters. 

Ning Yan blinked in surprise and then looked carefully at the posters. 

Then he froze. 

Wait… all these posters on the wall… seem to be of the same person. And… and… the person looks really familiar? 


Those slightly slanted eyes, that pert nose, that tiny face, that handsome and youthful attitude… 

…. They are all of him?!

Ning Yan was stunned. 

What is Lin Rong up to? Using him as some sort of evil warding charm? 

Lin Rong put the puppy down on the ground and changed into slippers without any obvious expression. He walked in and put the takeout roasted duck on the dining room table. 

The white puppy remained still as a statue at the entryway.

Lin Rong ignored him for the time being and walked into the bathroom to wash his hands. 

During that time, Ning Yan moved his stiff limbs and walked into the living room, glancing around as he did. 

… It really is him. All of it. 

There are his magazine covers, his advertisement shots, posters from his concerts… headshots, full body shots, smiling shots, cool looking shots… oh goddammit there is also a half naked shot of him with his shirt unbuttoned. All the posters are of him. 

Ning Yan’s shocked gaze landed on the dining table… even the cups were his fan products. 

Ning Yan’s calm expression shattered. For a second, the fur on his back stood up and he felt a shiver running up and down his spine. 


What is going on? Why, why is Lin Rong’s home filled with his things?

Footsteps sounded behind him and Ning Yan turned around in a shocked daze. He saw the man in question walk calmly into the bedroom. 

Ning Yan paused and then subconsciously followed the human into the bedroom. 

There were also posters in the bedroom, and Lin Rong pulled out a charging cord from the bedside table as he walked in. 

But that’s not the main point. The main point was that on the bed… on the bed there was a human sized body pillow in Ning Yan’s image!

Right now, the pillow was lying on its side, as if Ning Yan himself was on the bed. 

The body-pillow-him had his hands clasped behind his back, and it looked like he was holding a few flowers. He had a shy smile on his face. He looked so pure and innocent that even Ning Yan had to give props to his acting skills. But now, the pillow-him was looking shyly at Lin Rong, who was standing in front of the bedside table. 

Ning Yan was shocked again. 

And this time… this time he felt his entire body explode in embarrassment. 

Obviously… the body pillow wasn’t used in any exorcising activity… 

Lin Rong… what the heck is Lin Rong up to? 

This man is… into him? 


Just then, Lin Rong turned around. 

He saw the white puppy standing in confusion by the door and turned around to follow the dog’s gaze to the human sized body pillow. 

When Lin Rong’s gaze landed on the pillow, his face softened. 

The corners of his mouth turned upwards slightly and he sat down on the bed. He pulled the body pillow over and hugged it, as if he was hugging the real person. 

Ning Yan had never seen Lin Rong this tender. 

Ning Yan kept staring at him and Lin Rong smiled at the white puppy before saying in a warm voice, “The Yanyan1Yanyan is doubling the Yan in Ning Yan’s name. This is a cute nickname, usually used by someone who is familiar with the person.I like is the prettiest, isn’t he?” 

Ning Yan: …. 

Ning Yan: …. OMG mom help me there’s a pervert ahhhhhhhhh!!!

His legs folded from underneath him and he almost fell to the ground. 


Accompanying the sound of whining was the sound of claws furiously scratching at the door. 

Ning Yan, in puppy form, cowered by the foyer and scratched miserably at the door in an attempt to get out. 

But of course the door wouldn’t open. When a shadow fell over him, Ning Yan turned around and almost fainted at the sight of the man standing over him with his arms crossed and a thoughtful expression on his face. 

Ning Yan really did almost faint. 

Never in a million years would he have imagined that Lin Rong harbored those kinds of feelings towards him. He absolutely couldn’t tell because whenever they met, the guy always had a deadpan expression that revealed nothing. 

It was one thing for Lin Rong to like him; after all, plenty of people loved him. But the roomful of posters, the souvenirs scattered throughout the room, and that body pillow on the bed… 

Pervert! Lin Rong is a huge pervert!

Had he known, he never would have voluntarily walked into this situation with this pervert!

His anguish reached new heights and Ning Yan’s whine turned sorrowful. 

But the demon-like man stood there, still expressionless, and said calmly, “You’re the one who wanted to come home with me.” 

Ning Yan continued to whine. 

Lin Rong continued, “You bit through my pant leg.” 

Ning Yan whined. 

Lin Rong said matter-of-factly, “You have to take responsibility.” 

More whining from Ning Yan. 

Lin Rong looked calmly at the dog with his brows deeply furrowed. 

Ning Yan whined for a long while before his stomach growled in hunger. Lin Rong turned around and walked away, then came back after a while and put a plate of roast duck in front of Ning Yan. 

Puppy Ning Yan hiccuped and stared at the plate of greasy and delicious smelling roast duck. And the bones had been removed too. 

Lin Rong stated calmly, “There’s nothing else here. Just eat this for tonight.” 

Ning Yan remained unmoving, and his gaze stayed alert and cautious. 

Lin Rong didn’t say anymore, just stood up and walked to the bathroom, probably to take a shower. 

There was just Ning Yan in the living room now. He remained there in despair, his eyes looking at the posters on the wall. Each one of them burned his eyes. 

But he probably can’t escape… 

Ning Yan thought his entire worldview was collapsing. 

Lin Rong likes him. 

This was something he had never thought about before. 

He’d always disliked Lin Rong because they were rivals. And it was Lin Rong who started it first.


As Ning Yan recalled past events, he muttered to himself that this man started it by looking down on him… 

He couldn’t make heads or tails of the entire situation, so after a few more moments of contemplation while his stomach growled, Ning Yan’s despair gave way to hunger and he dug into the roast duck. 

Hey, the roast duck from Dark Blue really is delicious and you could say that Lin Rong has a soft spot for animals. After all, Lin Rong gave both of the duck legs to him. 

Come to think of it, Lin Rong must have asked for an entire roast duck. This doesn’t look like leftovers from a meal. This must mean that Lin Rong also likes the roast duck from this restaurant and ordered it especially. They actually have similar tastes… 

No, there is nothing similar between him and that pervert!

Ning Yan thought with a heavy heart. 

Halfway through the meal, the bathroom door opened. 

Ning Yan lifted his gaze and swallowed the tender duck along with a mouthful of saliva. His gaze lit up when it landed on the man. 

Lin Rong was very casual at home. He lived on the upper floors and the French windows in the living room didn’t face any other buildings, which meant Lin Ronghe probably didn’t have to worry about having his photos taken. Maybe that’s why he walked out wearing just black pyjama bottoms with hair still wet from the bath.

Water droplets trailed down from the tips of his hair, along the curve of his neck, and even further downwards. 

His half-naked body showcased his broad shoulders and narrow waist, chiseled muscle tone, and clearly defined eight pack. The pyjama pants sat loosely on his waist and his V-line was half visible and half hidden. 

Ning Yan… was jealous of that body. 

After Lin Rong tousled his hair dry, he turned around to find the white puppy staring straight at him. 

He walked into the kitchen, brought out a bowl of milk, and placed it in front of Ning Yan. 

“Luckily I only had goat’s milk at home,” Lin Rong petted Ning Yan’s head. When he spoke, his voice was still distant, “Your kind can’t drink cow’s milk, right?” 

Ning Yan squinted at him and then bent down to lap the goat milk. It actually tasted really good. 

As he watched the white puppy obediently drink the milk and become less guarded than before he went to take a shower, Lin Rong’s eyes crinkled in happiness again. 

He put his cheek on his hands and let his gaze, along with his thoughts, drift away. 

Ning Yan was happily slurping the milk when, to his utter amazement, he heard the man beside him say gently, “This milk smells a lot like Yanyan.” 

Ning Yan spluttered and coughed. 

What? Where do I smell like milk? In your dreams? 

Ahhhhhhh the big pervert is a big pervert after all! 


After a satisfying meal, Ning Yan finally calmed down. 

Though Lin Rong was a big pervert, he was in puppy form right now. No matter how fanatic Lin Rong was in his affections, there was no way he could tell that the white puppy he picked up was his favorite Yanyan. 

So, Ning Yan’s honor was safe. 

Ning Yan thought soberly. 

Being holed up in Lin Pervert’s home had to be a huge step up from being a stray. Ning Yan had no confidence whatsoever in his ability to survive “in the wild.” 

As for what he’d do next, he’ll… just take it one step at a time. 

Ning Yan was frustrated for a bit and then realized quickly that being frustrated was not helpful, so he temporarily changed his mood. 

Thinking optimistically, sneakily staying in Lin Rong’s home would give him the opportunity to see just how perverted the guy could be!

Ning Yan convinced himself that this was good and his gaze turned contemplative. 

As Lin Rong made a call to his veterinarian friend, the white puppy paced around not far from him and squinted those puppy eyes. 

The friend picked up quickly and Lin Rong briefly chatted with Gu Shi. 

Gu Shi was a nationally known veterinarian. He was very surprised when Lin Rong said he picked up a puppy because he’d never believe that. Lin Rong had never shown that kind of interest before. 

“Let him stay with you for a few days and then bring him for a checkup and vaccines in about a week.” Gu Shi then asked, “Does he seem afraid of you?” 

Lin Rong turned back to look at the white puppy. 

He didn’t know how, but the puppy seemed to have successfully turned fear into self-assurance. Now his gaze was full of satisfaction again, though Lin Rong had no idea what there was to be satisfied about. 

After a brief moment of silence, Lin Rong admitted, “He was the one who wouldn’t let go of my pant leg.” 

Ning Yan snarled in response. 

Lin Rong, “… He snarled.” 

On the other end of the line, Gu Shi blinked in confusion. 

Bit down on the pant leg and wouldn’t let go?

He’d heard of strays picking their human, but not one this passionate or shameless. 

He laughed drily a few times and said, “In any case, let him stay put for a week but be careful. Don’t hurry to bathe him; let him get settled first.” 

Gu Shi offered a few more pieces of advice, all of which Lin Rong noted in the affirmative. 

When he hung up, he walked over and squatted down in front of Ning Yan. He put his face close to the puppy and sniffed. 

No foul smells. 

Lin Rong thought to himself. 

As for Ning Yan, his eyes focused on Lin Rong and he subconsciously reached out a paw. 

The paw landed squarely on the chest right in front of him. 

Lin Rong paused. The human and the dog stared at each other. 

Lin Rong said, after a moment of speechlessness, “You lecherous puppy.” 

Ning Yan: ???? 

Lin Rong ruffled the puppy’s head and said, “Let’s call you Sese.”2Sese (色色) could be translated as “lech” from lecherous.

Ning Yan: ?????

What the heck??? 

DIE Lin Rong! I tell you, I’ll kill you one day!! 


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