Chapter 19: First Meeting With In-Laws

Translator: Mukyuu
Editor: Mikyuu

Lin Rong realized the next day that the little white puppy seemed to be upset with him. 

He hid in the corner the entire day. His tail didn’t wag and he dug at the ground with his paws. The air around him seemed to be filled with his silent protest and the look he gave Lin Rong was filled with an accusation, as though Lin Rong had committed an unforgivable act against him.

Lin Rong, “?” 

Since he couldn’t figure it out, better to do what was needed first.

Ning Yan used to be pretty vain and thought that his on-screen self looked handsome from any angle. Sometimes, he’d even admire his own posters for half a day and believe that he was perfect from the very top of his head to the tips of his toes. He was absolutely the prince his fans complimented him to be! 

But now… he saw Lin Rong carefully remove an old poster from the wall, put up a new poster, and then hold the old poster in his hands and gaze at it deeply for several moments… 

Ning Yan, “…”

AAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!! He’s so angry he could scream!

The dude on the poster has an ugly smile!

The white puppy raced over and slapped a paw on the poster. Before he could do anything, he was suddenly lifted into the air by the scruff of his neck and the man scolded, “Don’t make trouble.” 

Ning Yan snarled, “Woof, woof, woof, woof, woof!” 

These are posters of him!

The man said with a stern face, “No. Nobody can touch Yanyan’s posters.” 

Ning Yan, “Woof, woof, woof, woof, woof, woof! Awooo!” 

He is Yanyan in the flesh! Even he can’t touch it?! 

The man warned, “Keep talking back and I’ll get you neutered.” 

Ning Yan: “???”

All of a sudden I’m getting the neuter warning??

He looked up at the man in disbelief. 

The man seemed to remember his promise to Ning Yue and hesitated for a second, but his desire to warn the puppy finally won out and he continued gravely, “Yes, Yanyan would agree too.” 

After a moment of silence, Ning Yan started barking out a series of curses. 

The man didn’t understand dog language, much less uncivilized dog language, so once again the man and the dog gave each other the silent treatment over the neutering issue. 

Ning Yan decided to withdraw into himself. 

Who’d have believed that one day he’d be jealous of himself!

Lin Rong doesn’t like the real him! 

The Ning Yan in Lin Rong’s eyes was the Ning Yan the public saw, the perfect Ning Yan. But the real him… had faults!

Of course, logically speaking, Ning Yan knew the big pervert had only ever seen the public Ning Yan. So of course the one he liked would also be that Ning Yan. It wasn’t the big pervert’s fault. But emotionally, Ning Yan was still depressed. 

The big pervert thinks the real him is lecherous and troublesome! So what will happen the day they tell him the truth? How will he react? Will he not like him anymore? 

Ning Yan felt wronged.

He turned gay because of this big pervert!

Though everything started because he had voluntarily plastered himself to the big pervert… Ning Yan scrunched up his neck out of guilt… But, but, he hadn’t known anything at the beginning!

He found out the big pervert liked him after he had followed the big pervert homecouldn’t help but fall in love with the big pervert after living with him for a while, only to find out that the big pervert was only in love with the fake Yanyan.  

The plot twist was so needlessly dramatic that Ning Yan felt suffocated by it. Is this payback for his original intention of conning free room and board out of the big pervert???

So does this mean he’s now in a bitter one-sided love affair? 

What goes around comes around?

After he was done being angry, the white puppy lay down on the ground. When he thought of the conclusion he’d reached, he thought he could cry enough tears to form a river on the floor. 

Lin Rong, out to get some water, “…” 

Is he this upset?

He hesitated and then sighed. Walking over, he petted the little white puppy’s head and soothed gently, “Good Sese, don’t be angry anymore.” 

Ning Yan’s ears perked and his eyes moved back and forth before he turned to look intently at the man. 

The man continued in his tender voice, “Don’t touch Yanyan’s posters or the peripherals and everything else is negotiable.” 

Ning Yan, “…” 

He took a deep breath, twisted his head back around, and then he burst into tears. 

It seems like he’s an original who has been supplanted by a substitute!


The original felt defeated. 

The entire room of Ning Yans surrounded him. Every smile was like an evil taunt. The man he liked kept smiling tenderly at the evil substitute. Whenever the man’s gaze landed on him instead, it became indescribable. 

The original Yan… decided to sulk!

Today had to be the day Ning Yue wasn’t there. During their walk, Ning Yan only saw the award-winning actor Ji Shao. 

Ning Yan could tell all of his frustrations to his cousin’s mysterious friend. So as soon as the white puppy saw the actor, he sat down and let his frustration and annoyance spill out in a series of barks, “Woof, woof, woof, woof!” 

Lin Rong, holding onto the leash, “…”

Ji Shao bent down, patted Ning Yan’s head, and said with a smile, “Sorry, my darling isn’t here today.” 

Ning Yan said insistently, “Woof woof woof woof, awoo awoo, awoo!” 

Ji Shao looked thoughtfully at Lin Rong and said to Ning Yan, “So does that mean my darling knows you’re in a relationship?” 

Ning Yan shut up. 

Two seconds later, he couldn’t keep quiet and began again. “Aaaaaawooooo! Woof, woof, woof!” 

Ji Shao hissed and then said, “I wouldn’t know, you’d have to ask him yourself to know that.” 

“…” Lin Rong had to interrupt cautiously, “Mr. Ji.” 

Ji Shao laughed as he stood up and dusted off his shirttails. “Your Sese is talking to me so I’m talking to him. He doesn’t look very happy?” 

“Mmhmm.” Lin Rong frowned slightly. 

“Did you scold him?” Ji Shao teased. 

“…” Lin Rong averted his gaze when he thought about the posters back home. His ears quietly turned pink. “No.” 

Ning Yan was shocked—The big pervert lied!

The big pervert lied because of the substitute!

Ning Yan gritted his teeth so hard he almost broke a tooth—He swears, from this day forwards, it’s either him or the substitute!


Unbeknownst to Lin Rong, the war between the white puppy and himself had heated up. 

The next day, he took the little white puppy and drove home to the Lin house. 

The Lin house sat in the middle of a cluster of mansions. Lin Rong’s parents and his sister Lin Yin1Lin Rong’s sister and father share the same pinyin for the character that is their given name. Their family name is the same, but Lin Rong’s sister is named 研 and his father 俨. Both “Yan” are different from Ning Yan’s Yan (晏). In standard Mandarin, 研 would be written as Yan (making both the father and sister Lin Yan). So for clarity’s sake, the translator and editor have decided to use a phonetic spelling of 研, as pronounced in a different dialect, which sounds like Yin. all lived there.

The three of them were very surprised when they saw Ning Yan. 

Lin Yin had a happy-go-lucky personality and ran over in surprised happiness as soon as she spotted Ning Yan. “Wow, brother, when did you get a dog! You didn’t tell me!” 

Ning Yan was still sulking and was disinterested in everything. Lin Yin didn’t care and squatted down to have a good cuddle-and-petting session with Ning Yan until Ning Yan looked like he had been hit by a hurricane. 

As she ruffled the puppy’s head, Lin Yan, the nationally acclaimed singer and Lin Rong’s father, stroked Ning Yan’s back. He smiled warmly and nodded at the puppy, “He’s a male.”

Lin Rong’s mother was a beauty with a unique sense of elegance about her. When she walked over and saw the scene, she covered her lips and asked curiously, “Where’d the puppy come from?” 

“From the streets,” Lin Rong answered. 

Ning Yan was dizzy from all the petting and raised his head by accident to meet the man’s gaze. He felt awkward again. 

Hng, even if you don’t like me, I’m still very popular!

The little white dog raised his head proudly!

Lin Rong, “…” 

Just then, there was a soft meow and a shadow flashed in the corner of Ning Yan’s vision. He blinked and looked over to see an orange cat and a Ragdoll come out of nowhere to twine themselves around Lin Rong’s ankles, meowing the entire time in pleasure. 

The man’s expression immediately softened and his lips formed a smile. He squatted down and gently stroked the two cats. 

Ning Yan: There are way too many homewreckers in the world; he’s not meant to suffer these wrongs!


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