After Being Turned Into a Dog, I Conned My Way Into Freeloading At My Rival’s Place

Chapter 18: Scent of Oranges

Translator: Mukyuu
Editor: Mikyuu

Half an hour before. 

After Ning Yan had left, Jiang Mo and Jiang Xiaoning immediately walked over. 

The man remained standing by the elevator and the two of them each slung an arm around Lin Rong’s shoulders. When Jiang Xiaoning saw the smile at the corner of Lin Rong’s mouth, he hissed as if burned and teased, “What’s with the silly smile? He’s already gone.” 

“What’s going on, what’s going on? Ning Yan’s attitude seems to have changed?” Jiang Mo gossiped. 


Lin Rong shook his head. 

He only knew that Sese’s presence acted as a catalyst, but he wasn’t quite clear himself about what had changed. 


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Jiang Mo got excited. “The most important thing is, ehhh you didn’t see the scene, this guy put Ning Yan behind him to protect him. And Ning Yan let him. If He Congsheng hadn’t made Ning Yan mad, Ning Yan wouldn’t have struggled and would have continued to let Old Lin hold his hand.” 


Jiang Xiaoning was gobsmacked. 

Combined with the two having a whispering session in the corner earlier, there was definitely something profound going on between them. 

Jiang Xiaoning stroked his chin and asked thoughtfully, “Old Lin, what exactly happened that time you said Ning Yan rejected you? Wanna share the details?” 

Lin Rong hesitated. 

Half an hour later. 

Jiang Mo: “Dammit, you should have said so earlier! That was him being shy and proud!” 

Jiang Xiaoning: “Old Lin, you really need to learn the difference between shy and proud and actually being angry…” 

Lin Rong: “…?”

Jiang Xiaoning: “Damn you, but I’m dying out of frustration for you!” 

Jiang Mo: “Go pursue him again! Ning Yan is definitely interested in you!” 

In the dim light, the man’s eyes shone with stupefied surprise. 

With the help of his friends and their various analyses, many images floated through his mind. His gaze gradually steadied and then warm starlight spread through his eyes. 


He looked down at his WeChat and slowly caressed that profile picture with his thumb. 

Yanyan, when will I see you next?


When Ning Yan came to terms with his feelings, he didn’t regret not saying or not doing anything while he was still human. After all, this discovery was too sudden and he needed to calm down! 

So the white puppy tucked his head in and spent the night on his bed contemplating about his life. 

The next day his cousin brought him back to Elegant Scene Court. As soon as the car door opened and he caught sight of the man coming down the stairs in lounge clothes, Ning Yan shivered and felt his heart shoot out like a bullet and smack itself against the man. 

… Ning Yan closed his eyes and dazedly accepted the truth. 

When the man took Ning Yan into his arms, Ning Yan even closed his eyes and rubbed against the man. 

Ning Yue saw this in his peripheral vision and was speechless for a moment. 

Upon seeing how sweet the white puppy was being, Lin Rong suspiciously reached out a hand and stroked the puppy’s lower chin. 

Stop teasing him!

Ning Yan’s eyes flew open and he bit down on the man’s finger with a low whine. He looked up at the man in a ferocious manner. 


But the bite was totally harmless and his teeth only gently rubbed against the finger. Lin Rong let him bite down and then calmly asked Ning Yue, “Everything is okay?” 

Ning Yue nodded. “Don’t worry, Ning Yan is fine.” 

Lin Rong paused and then asked, “Yanyan… how long do I have to wait before I can see Yanyan again?” 

Ning Yue raised an eyebrow. “Why?”

All of a sudden you’re interested in how long? 

Lin Rong averted his gaze and his ears turned red. 


Ning Yan’s tail windmilled. 

Did he fall in love with me more after last night?

Ning Yue felt his teeth rot looking at that scene and had absolutely no desire to know what happened between them last night. He only breezily looked at the white puppy, who had his butt turned to him, and said dismissively, “No idea. You’d have to ask him.” 

Lin Rong’s eyes drooped. 

“But if you want Ning Yan to come sooner—” 


Lin Rong raised his eyes again when he heard these words. 

Ning Yue pointed to the white puppy and instructed, “Spend more time with him and it’ll be sooner.” 

Lin Rong was stunned. 


This is probably the most explicit attitude that still skirts the ‘rules’, right? Ning Yan thought distractedly. 

Though what normal human would guess that their white puppy was a human?

Having their destiny tied together this way is such an unthinkable miracle. 

As soon as he thought so, he heard a murmur from above him, “… Yanyan?” 

Ning Yan, “?!”

He froze and didn’t dare move a muscle. 

WhatWhat did Lin Rong just say? 

Lin Rong glanced down contemplatively at the white puppy and then bent down to get a whiff. 

Ning Yan’s fur quietly stood on end, because of both Lin Rong’s proximity and also his inexplicable behavior. 

Lin Rong squinted and said, “Yanyan also smelled like oranges yesterday.” 

He suddenly remembered that when he had taken the white puppy from Ning Yue’s arms just then, his nose had caught the same scent. 

That was the unique fragrance of the shampoo he had used yesterday to wash the white puppy. 

But yesterday Yanyan had the same scent on him. He had thought then that it smelled familiar. 

Ning Yan, “????”

Was there?

He hadn’t realized?? 

Wait, does this mean Lin Rong has found out?!

But the aura still isn’t reacting?

Just as Ning Yan looked up at the man, the man tilted his head and mused, “Did you pass it on to Yanyan?” 

As he thought about it, the younger man’s scent from yesterday was a bit strong. Generally speaking, would a scent still smell that strongly after being transferred? 

Lin Rong didn’t know but also didn’t think very much of it. After all, the thought that had passed through his mind because of what Ning Yue said combined with the orange scent was just too out of the question. 

When the elevator arrived at their floor, he opened the door to his home and walked in. He rubbed the white puppy’s head and put the puppy on the ground. As the door closed behind them, he sighed self-deprecatingly at the thought, “How could you be Yanyan? Yanyan is not lecherous at all.” 

Ning Yan, “…”

He only touched his chest once!

After sighing, the man then followed up teasingly, “Yanyan is also not as much trouble as you.” 

Ning Yan, “…”


Ning Yan suddenly realized a huge problem. 

Even though he had severely criticized his cousin for ruining his image, but, but… he’s always… pretended very well in public. 

If Ning Yan was in human form, his face would be beet-red right now. 

But, but he’s an idol so of course he can’t act in public the way he does at home!

But the problem is that everything Lin Rong had seen before had all been Ning Yan pretending. He had been elegant, calm, and sophisticated. 

The real Ning Yan has a temper, is proud, can be a coward… and… and can be lecherous! Can be a troublemaker!

So, so when Lin Rong finds out about his true nature… 

Ning Yan sunk into deep thought. 

He sat in a corner and his gaze probingly followed the man walking around the house. 

As soon as Lin Rong arrived home, he had set aside the question and started cleaning the apartment. During the entire process, he felt a burning gaze on his back. He turned around to find the white puppy looking at him with a deep gaze. 

Lin Rong, “…”

He moved a couple of steps towards the bathroom and whipped his head around. The puppy stretched his neck to stare at him. 

Lin Rong, “…”

Lin Rong said calmly, “Sese, you’re being scary; don’t look at me like this.” 

He turned around and looked at the angel-like young man on the wall. Lin Rong sighed wearily and reached out a hand to stroke the young man’s face, a gentle smile appearing on his face. 

Ning Yan, “…”

Screw it. Big pervert, you don’t love the real me!!!

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