After Being Turned Into a Dog, I Conned My Way Into Freeloading At My Rival’s Place

Chapter 1: Take Me Home!

Chapter 1: Take Me Home!

Translator: Mukyuu
Editor: Mikyuu

The restaurant Dark Blue sat at a secluded corner of the city. 

Suddenly, the sound of a piercing and desperate howl caused the two greeters stationed in front of the restaurant to jump in surprise. They look dazedly at the pitiful little white dog lying on the sidewalk in front of the door. 

It looked inconsolable, as if it had lost its favorite bone. 


The little white dog, Ning Yan, truly was feeling hopeless. 

He’s not really a dog. In fact, Ning Yan was the famous singer, superstar, and heir to the Morning Star Entertainment, Inc. 

As for why he suddenly became a dog and was, right at that moment, crying dejectedly on the ground… we turn back time two and a half hours.

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If he had to be a dog, he refused to be a stray. 


But there was no way he could return to his apartment, which was on the other side of the city. He was a complete idiot when it came to remembering directions, so there was no way he could make it back. And even if he did, his apartment building wouldn’t let a stray in. 

As for something closer… Ning Yan thought long and hard before a light lit up in his eyes. 

His manager, who also happened to be his cousin Ning Yue, was set to leave today for C city. And before he left, he was going to have dinner with someone at a restaurant close to the park. Looking at the time, it’s very likely they haven’t finished yet! 

With a plan in mind, Ning Yan felt hopeful again. 

He dug a hole and buried his clothes and cellphone. His cellphone was useless; it wasn’t that he couldn’t operate the touchpad with his paws; it was that he couldn’t control his paws very well and everything took so long to do that after pawing at the screen fruitlessly for several moments, the battery died on him. 

It wasn’t realistic for him to carry the phone in his mouth to find his cousin. If he met a thief on the way and they wrestled him for the phone, he might get hurt. So Ning Yan thought it would be better if he just buried the phone. 

After burying the phone, he swept the dirt back with his hind legs, turned around, and ran out of the park. 

The restaurant was about a 20 minute walk from the park. Since Ning Yan was on four feet, it only took him a little more than 10 minutes to make it there. 

But coincidentally, he arrived just as his cousin drove off, leaving behind nothing but the smell of gasoline in the air. He hadn’t even had time to take a breath. 

Ning Yan almost fainted on the spot. He howled in anguish and flopped over on the ground. 

Right at that moment, his emotions were a jumbled mess and his brain drew a blank on who he was, what he should do next, or even where he was. 

He didn’t make it in time. His cousin was gone. He knew nobody else in the area. Where should he go? 


His parents were all in C City, his cousin was probably headed straight to the airport without a set date of return, and he couldn’t return to his apartment. Was he destined to become a stray? 

As the thought crossed his mind, Ning Yan wanted to cry. He hiccuped and started whining. 

The two servers by the door glanced at Ning Yan through the glass door. Right then, a figure walked by. 

One of them came to and hurriedly pushed the door open. They both bowed respectfully and said, “Thank you for coming, we hope to see you again.” 

That person nodded politely at them, pushed down the cap on their head, and then walked out. 

The two servers glanced at each other in excitement. 

They knew very well who that person was. 

But celebrities often dropped by the restaurant and they were used to it by now. The only reason they were this excited was because they happened to be huge fans of that person. 

It was Lin Rong!

“So handsome!” The waitress whispered quietly as her face flushed red. 

The waiter, also a huge fan, could only nod furiously in agreement. 

Lin Rong was dressed casually in a black hooded T-shirt and jeans. Though he had one hand stuck in his pant pockets and held a take-out box in the other, he still looked super handsome. 


He was tall and well-built, the type with muscles you could see at a glance. 

He wore a black mask over his face, but the cool and seductive eyes could hook someone with just a glance. 

He looked both handsome and delicate, and people often remarked that it was a shame he wasn’t an actor. But he was only interested in music and most of his loyal fans supported his dedication to music. As the son of the nationally known and beloved singer Lin Yan1This “Yan” is different from Ning Yan’s Yan., he really did exemplify what it meant to be lowkey and reliant on your own talent. It’s the reason why he has a flock of rabid fans despite his cold demeanor. 

To sum it up, just greeting Lin Rong was enough to make the two servers swoon. 

On the other hand, Lin Rong picked up his manager’s call as soon as he stepped outside of the restaurant. As he walked, he glanced at the dirty little white dog stretched out in the middle of the road.

He said, in a cool voice, “Lu Bro?” 

Ning Yan was in the middle of despairing when he heard the familiar voice above his head. He was stunned for a second before flicking his ears, clambering into an upright position, and then twisting around to look behind him. 

The man walked towards the parking lot, chatting with someone on the other end of the phone line. 

Ning Yan recognized him just by his back silhouette. Lin Rong! 

He stared in amazement. That guy is here too?

But then again, this restaurant is popular with many acquaintances in the entertainment industry, so it’s not that strange for Lin Rong to show up… 

… Wait, wait a minute!


Ning Yan sniffed and his eyes brightened. 

Someone he knows! Someone familiar!

Even though Lin Rong was his number one rival, the person he detested the most, and an ice-cold, emotionless person, at the very least he was someone Ning Yan knew!

Ning Yan felt revived. When God closed a door, he opened a window. Even though his cousin had left, there was now a rival and he could still be rescued! 

The little white dog’s eyes shone like spotlights in the dark. 

He turned around unsteadily, opened his mouth, and carefully snuck a paw forward. 

Just as Lin Rong reached his car, he shivered from a sense of foreboding coming from behind him. 

He was in the middle of a conversation with his manager when he felt a weight on his right leg. He turned back and looked speechlessly at the little white puppy, who had previously been sprawled hopelessly on the road, pulling at his pant leg. 

As the puppy met his eyes, it blinked its round eyes at him with an innocent expression and wagged its tail. 

The manager heard the pause in the conversation and when Lin Rong didn’t say anything more, called out in confusion, “Miao Bro?”2Miao – the character for “meow,” Lin Rong’s nickname.

Lin Rong’s mouth opened and then closed behind the mask. He didn’t say anything, just silently raised his right leg. 

The white puppy clenched its teeth tighter and opened its round and innocent eyes even further. 

Lin Rong, after staring speechlessly at the puppy, finally sighed out “Let go.” 

Ning Yan: …. 


This guy’s fans kept insisting that he was just cold on the outside but warm and fuzzy on the inside. Lies! He wasn’t warm at all but frozen inside and out. 

Ning Yan complained in his mind but kept a tight bite on the pant leg. Who knows what else will come along if he misses this opportunity. He’ll never let go of this man! 

And now that Ning Yan had gotten his second wind, he had the energy to think about other things, especially things that made him feel jealous. 

He got turned into a dog and this guy, from the smell of him, definitely ate the spicy crawfish from next door and is now holding a bag of roast duck in his hands. 

Ning Yan himself hadn’t eaten before heading out the door today. His stomach was practically eating itself!

Doing the comparison made Ning Yan realize that he was in desperate straits and he almost felt the tears swelling up in his eyes again.

If he has to suffer, then so does Lin Rong! He’s going to cling to him no matter what!

So Ning Yan bit down harder, to the point where his canines almost pierced through the man’s pant legs. 

Lin Rong’s manager heard an unexpected “let go” and asked in confusion, “Uh, were you talking to me?” 

“No,” Lin Rong said, and continued after a pause, “a dog.” 

“You got bitten by a dog?” The manager exclaimed immediately. 

“…. Not really.” Lin Rong replied quietly and lifted his leg again. The puppy clung stubbornly to his pants and looked like it would rather die than let go. 

“Then what happened? What did the dog do?” His manager continued asking. 

“Nothing much.” Lin Rong paused, squinted his eyes, and refused to say further. “… Lu Bro, I have something to do, I’ll call you when I get home.” 

After hanging up, Lin Rong stopped trying to free his leg and instead leaned down to look calmly at the puppy. 

Lin Rong’s gaze was known for being deep. 

His fans always said there were stars in Lin Rong’s eyes, but whenever Ning Yan looked into them, he felt as if someone were squeezing his heart. 

Just then, the gaze made him feel guilty. Something flashed in his eyes and he decided to change tactics. He flopped over and rolled until he hit the man’s feet. 

Fine… he’ll just have to act cute!  

Ning Yan thought quietly. He knew that acting cute was the only way to be taken home. 

Of course, Ning Yan wasn’t good at acting cute. Nonetheless he was confident he knew what he was doing. So he rolled over until his feet were in the air and then scrunched his paws until they were tucked close to his chest and revealed his fluffy little belly. 

Ning Yan waggled his tail and looked admiringly at the man. He thought nobody in the world could resist such admiration coupled with the belly. 

Lin Rong kept staring at him in silence, unaffected. 

Ning Yan: …

Ning Yan was unsure for just a second when he realized this wasn’t enough. His eyes looked around and he added in a low whine. 

The sound was soft and enticing. Anyone who heard it would turn into a puddle. 

But Lin Rong remained unmoved and had an indescribable expression on his face. 

Ning Yan tried to reach out a paw and cautiously hooked it around the man’s foot, blinking at him hopefully. 

Lin Rong scratched his own chin. 

Ning Yan brushed against the man’s leg obediently. 

Lin Rong looked like he was thinking things over. 

Ning Yan… became furious. 

Lin Rong, are you even human? Are you? Look at you! How are you not moved? How do you not think this is cute?!

Just as Ning Yan was cursing up a storm inside his head, a pair of hands reached over and lifted him from the ground. 

Ning Yan barked in surprise and when he realized what was happening, he found himself lifted to Lin Rong’s eye level by Lin Rong’s hands underneath his armpit. 

The man did have a beautiful face. Even if Ning Yan considered Lin Rong his rival, he had to admit that. 

But he really was cold. This guy was an ice-cold beauty. 

Ning Yan and Lin Rong were in the same company and they had plenty of opportunities to meet, both at the company or at other work events, but they didn’t have many conversations. 

And in this moment, the man looked him up and down for several moments before calmly uttering, “Con-man dog.” 

Ning Yan: …. 

The expression on his puppy face distorted in anger stemming from embarrassment. 

Something resembling good-natured teasing flashed across the man’s eyes. 

Immediately afterwards, Ning Yan’s world tilted as the man held him with one hand and walked towards the parked car. 

Ning Yan blinked in surprise and then got excited. Did he succeed? Does this mean Lin Rong intends to take him home? 


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