A Bright Sunny Morning


“Now you can tell me, Theo,” said Jan.  “As to why we conducted the dream surveillance on Schwann Lüff, wasn’t that to find the stolen Source? ——But where did he hide it?”

Theo replied, “Oh, that’s very simple. Didn’t his dream reveal this point very clearly?”

Jan looked at him wide-eyed.

“Theo, what nonsense are you spouting? Was there anything besides those pornographic scenes?”

Theo let out a sigh.


“Jan, I really wish you didn’t sleep so much in your dream analysis class…”

“I never slept in my dream analysis class, alright!” Jan protested indignantly. “I know the theories, such as subconscious, iceberg under the sea, and the like.”

“Then you should know, dreams are a farrago1[1] Farrago means a mish-mash, hodgepodge, etc. of various sub consciousnesses,” said Theo. The content of dreams is often drawn from what one sees and hears in their daily lives. From the scenes in movies they’ve seen, to the glimpses they inadvertently catch while walking on the street, all of these have the possibility of entering their dreams and becoming the material for the construction of their dreams. ——Ultimately, dreams express the dreamer’s psyche, their thoughts and feelings.

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Kyd’p lulp okeldle, “Tl rzyddle vs qzll?”

Theo shook his head, “No, If you take a closer look at how he’s holding the suitcase, you’ll realize that it is empty. He could sense the imminent crisis and that’s why he wanted to move the Timelord’s Source to another location. The purpose of that suitcase is for its transportation.


“Oh, what terrible luck!” Jan blurted out. “Had we known this was his plan, we would’ve only had to follow him to see where he was going and bam! We would have caught him red-handed.”

“That’s merely his reaction in his dream, he won’t necessarily react the same way in reality. Schwann’s a shrewd fellow,” Theo responded. “However, none of this matters. We’ve found the Source.”

Jan jumped up suddenly.

“I knew you were the best!” He hugged Theo from over the desk. Suddenly, he loosened his grasp as if having thought of something. His face flushed and instead, he grabbed Theo’s hand while saying, “Hurry and tell me. Where is it?”

Theo answered, “You also saw it in Schwann’s dream.” He calmly pulled his fingers out of Jan’s hand.

Jan despondently responded, “Why didn’t I understand any of this?”

Theo spoke in a pragmatic tone, “That’s because your mind was focused on other things. ——The clue appeared in the beginning.”

“What clue?”

“The alarm clock,” Theo said. “Right in the beginning of the dream, when the alarm clock went off.”

He tapped on the table twice. The alarm clock scene appeared and the time displayed was 7.10.

“If you look carefully, there’s only a dot in the middle. In addition, the numbers are round. Have you seen anyone’s alarm clock look like this?” Theo said.

“That only proves one thing, this number carries great significance to him. Keep in mind that this appears in his dream, he won’t use a complicated password or cipher. This number is in its original state, even the font remains unchanged. As a matter of fact, I’ve only seen this kind of font and number in one place.”


“On the self-service luggage lockers at the train station.”

He glanced at Jan. The person in question was listening intently.

“Then I saw Schwann pick up that suitcase. All the pieces fell in place, the place he was heading to in his dream was the train station, so a suitcase was the most suitable transportation medium. ——Conversely, if he were to leave for the supermarket or office, a suitcase would look very out of place.

“So I knew Schwann had hidden the stolen goods in luggage locker 7.10 at the train station,” Theo calmly concluded.

“Theo, you’re an extraordinary fellow!” Jan called out sincerely.  “It’s only at times like this when I feel that you are the only one who deserves to be my superior.” His eyes sparkled with excitement.

Theo looked into Jan’s eyes. For a moment, he had the impression that the sky-blue eyes were shining with the beautiful radiance of the Timelord’s Source.

After a while, Theo said, “As I see it, there is still one problem left. Modern luggage lockers are set by the individual and are four digits long. What do you think Schwann would have set as his password, Jan?

Jan spoke cheerily, “We don’t need to think about it. As long as we find that locker, the train station staff will definitely help us open it up.”

Theo said, “Dear Jan, I really wish…”

“I know, I slept the whole way through my code cracking course!” Jan blurted out. He attempted a pitiful expression. “Ah, boss, spare me! My nerves are shot for the day, so don’t torture me with this kind of question any longer. ——Come on, just tell me the answer and I’ll treat you to dark beer at the “Golden Lamb” this evening, in celebration of our recovery of the Source.

Theo said, “The password is 0190*2*The number for Germany’s phone sex service starts with 0910..”

Jan stared blankly for a moment, then he let out a hearty laugh. “Poor old Schwann, what kind of things does he have running through that brain of his? ——Why didn’t he set four sixes?**3**Six in German is a homonym with sex.


Theo said in a humorless voice, “The pin doesn’t allow four repeated numbers.”

He looked down at the LCD on the desk.

Jan looked down on Theo’s chestnut hair. The gleam of the bright early morning sunlight turned it into a warm and sweet color which was incompatible with Theo’s character. It looked soft and captivating, drawing him in. ——He really wanted to feel it, just like in that scene he saw a while before…

Jan suddenly thought of something.

“Wait, Theo, if that’s the case, then you found all the clues in the beginning?”

Theo spoke without looking up, “Yes, I called Ralph about two minutes later and had him go to the train station…”

Jan cut him off, “If that’s the case,  why did you continue watching…the scenes which came after…those things?” He gulped and stared at his face.

Theo raised his eyes and looked at him. There wasn’t a speck of emotion to be seen in those dark brown eyes.

“I thought, it was quite interesting to watch,” he replied. He turned off the display screen on the table with a tap.

(《A Bright Sunny Morning》End)

The author has something to say:

*The number for Germany’s phone sex service starts with 0910.


**Six in German is a homonym with sex.

Translator Notes:

[1] Farrago means a mish-mash, hodgepodge, etc.

I did a little searching and apparently, phone numbers in Germany starting with 0190 and 0900 are phone sex service calls .

Final Thoughts:
To everyone who’s followed me on this little journey albeit a very short journey:
Thank you all so much! I hope you all enjoyed it as much as I did! Although, I never expected to be translating smut or BL for that matter… Here is where we’ll bid adieu to Theo and Jan and their little roller-coaster of a dream. But have no fear! We shall see them again very soon as Book 2 of this series will be out next week!

A peek you say?
Here, let’s take a look at the radio drama’s intro.

Radio Drama Introduction:

Frankfurt Airport

Departure Gate No. 8

An affectionate man full of lies

is waiting for a man with an unclear identity

A flight which should have been delayed for two years

returns full of hope to a sweet love

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