A Bright Sunny Morning

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The alarm went off. Schwann groggily turned over and took a glance at the alarm clock. Looking at it, he saw 7.10 displayed on the dial. He turned off the alarm clock, got out of bed, and walked into the bathroom. Still half-asleep as he ambled along, he guided himself over, even without being fully conscious.

Today… He remembered he had something important to do today. But right now, his brain was stumped, as if filled with fluffy cotton. He couldn’t recall anything.

He brushed his teeth and wandered unsteadily through the corridor. This was his special morning habit. A minty toothpaste that would stimulate his mouth and a little bit of exercise would quickly and completely wake him up.

…Schwann walked to the entrance of the living room. In an instant, he became wide awake.

On the sofa of the living room, there were two people passionately entangled with each other. They were his colleagues, Jan and Theo—— though Schwann could hardly recognize them at the moment.


Schwann remembered that last night, they had drinks at the “Golden Lamb” bar, played poker, and went home tipsy. He also remembered that Jan and Theo had accompanied him to the entrance of the apartment complex and that he seemed to have waved goodbye to them. ——But how did they end up on his living room sofa?

No, no, this wasn’t where the issue lied. The eminent question was, what were they doing on his sofa right now?

Schwann raised his right hand, which was stained with a bit of toothpaste foam, and rubbed his eyes.

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——However, at this moment, look at what this dignified guy was doing on his sofa!


Alrighty, now the people at the institute can lay down their speculations regarding Theo’s sexuality, Schwann thought. He finally recovered some of his rationality and barely managed to turn around and walk back to the bathroom.

Behind him, Jan let out a low moan. It was a sort of sound that resulted from a desperate struggle of keeping it in, but at the same time, the sound he made was incomparably beautiful.

Schwann stumbled over the carpet of the corridor and nearly fell over.


Schwann had two slices of toast with raspberry jam spread and a cup of espresso. Then he put on a shirt and a pair of trousers, meticulously fastening each button while facing the mirror. Last, he slipped on a pair of shoes—— All this, he did at a slow crawl, doing his best to stall for time. Only after reckoning that the pair in the living room should have finished by then, did he grab his briefcase and walk down the corridor.

It was silent in the corridor. As he neared the living room, he pricked up his ears; there were no suspicious noises. ——Perhaps the two had gone back to sleep, he thought with great relief.

T/N: Uh-huh, yep let’s hope. Cuz if not…(/ω\) ⁄(⁄ ⁄•⁄ω⁄•⁄ ⁄)⁄

He briskly walked through the living room entrance. Wait (a moment)… something seems off.

He stopped in his tracks. He only caught a glimpse of it from his periphery, but if his eyes didn’t deceive him, no one was on that red sofa.

Schwann retreated two steps.

Now, he could see it clearly, though the curtains were only opened a crack. The sunshine outside was already very bright, illuminating the sofa and bringing out its distinct red color—— not even a trace of their silhouette was to be seen.

It looked like if what he had seen before wasn’t a hallucination, then it was a dream. Schwann kneaded his temples. Most likely, it was because he had watched too many late night programs lately.

I must have dreamed it, he thought. Of course, how could Theo and Jan…


His thoughts were interrupted by a sudden intake of air. ——Like that of a person who had held their breath for a long time, then suddenly couldn’t hold it anymore, and had to take in a deep breath.

T/N: Ahhhhhhhh (≧ロ≦)

Stunned, Schwann turned his gaze and was met with the sight of two people on the floor.

This time, Theo and Jan weren’t on the red sofa. Rather, they were on the carpet behind the sofa. They were so well enveloped in the shadow  of the back of the sofa that Schwann didn’t even notice them at first glance. If you were to talk about their position at the moment, it was quite promiscuous: Theo was lying with his back on the ground, Jan was riding him——his body rising and falling repetitively, like a cowboy riding bareback.

The visual effect of this was so provocative that Schwann practically sprang back to the living room entrance. Even so, he still caught sight of the two tiny heaving areolas on his pale chest which faced straight ahead. The pink rod in front of him was standing upright. At the top, a glistening dewdrop-like substance flashed.

T/N: Yeah… Let’s not talk about how shy I was while translating this line.. ε=ε=ε=ε=ε” “(/’-‘)/

Schwann’s mouth dried. He practically bolted, walking briskly through the corridor until he reached the end, where there was a small blue door. He placed his hand on the doorknob, let out a long breath, then pushed down forcefully.


A curse burst out in his mind. The d@mned backdoor was locked from the outside. He must have done it when he went out last night. Clearly, being overly cautious could end up trapping yourself. With his mind a mess, he began thinking to himself. Where’s the key? Oh, wonderful. The key’s in the living room, hanging on the key holder that’s attached to the wall near the front door!

Sweat appeared on Schwann’s forehead. He had to leave this apartment this instant. But he only had two paths available. The first one would be to go through the living room and exit out from the front door. The second would be to grab the key from the key holder and exit from the back door. Either way, he would have to enter the living room and pass by those two, who were going at it.

——What the f*ck was this!

Schwann viciously cursed Theo and Jan out in his mind.


He walked toward the living room, his steps uncertain. He couldn’t make up his mind on whether to pretend to not see them and hurry to the door or to nonchalantly stop and turn to greet them (perhaps even give an amicable smile and generously tell them, “as you were”)?

Or possibly, walk over boldly and tell those two shameless people, “If you’re going to mess around then go book a room at a hotel and mess around there. Don’t have an impromptu overnight stay at a colleague’s home and not even close the corridor door!”

He arrived at the entrance of the living room.

The scene before him caused Schwann to suck in a breath. During this time, the two had already stood up from the floor. Theo’s back was to Schwann as he faced the wall. Jan was in his arms, his fingers threaded through his hair and his long, pale legs hooked around Theo’s waist—— Theo was currently nailing him against the wall. The two of them were silent but their ever-increasingly disordered and heavy breathing revealed they were steadily approaching that pinnacle of pleasure…

Schwann forgot what he had planned to do. He stared dumbly at Theo’s back. It was the strong back of a man with well-defined muscles, his spinal column running straight down the center of his back, disappearing at the waist, with deep Venus dimples above firm, solid glutes. His waist and abs were tensed, thrusting harder and harder… A fine layer of sweat covered his back.

Schwann turned around and supported himself against the wall by the entrance. Through the floor mirror across from him, he saw a clearly raised outline on the crotch of his trousers.

As his mind was in disarray, he thought despairingly, D@mn it! How am I supposed to walk out in this state?

He slowly took a step to the side. He was able to clearly see the entangled bodies of the two people in the living room. Jan’s other hand tightly gripped Theo’s shoulder, his fingers embedded in his flesh, as if keeping himself from sliding down while being hammered to the wall or as if only by doing this, would he be able to restrain himself from letting out the moans which were on the verge of tumbling out from deep within his throat…

T/N: You’re probably getting tired of my interjections, but I can’t help it! Does this guy have some voyeuristic tendencies?

Schwann cursed at  them in his mind. At the same time, he quickly removed his leather belt and pushed down his trousers.

His back was against the wall, his eyes on the two people in the mirror, his hand quickly jerking up and down… suppressed breaths and pants continuously came from the living room, filling his ears. His legs trembled, every pore of his body filled with desire, clamoring for satisfaction.

…Then he saw an unbelievable scene: the Jan in the mirror had his leg raised, and was stepping down onto Theo’s rear. It was clear that he was forcefully pinning Theo to him, allowing him to go deeper and harder… his big toe was struggling to form a hook, moving to explore between Theo’s buttcrack and teasing that center region…


Schwann’s jaw dropped as he watched this unbelievably bold move.

T/N: Ya guys, sameeeeeee, omg, what am I translating?!!!! :Insert stone me poofing into stone dust:  I’m just a blushy cloud now~꒰⌗´͈ ᵕ ॣ`͈⌗꒱৩

His hand sped up its movements. He imagined himself walking up to Theo and entering him from behind, then nailing them both to the wall. He envisioned doing them both at the same time…

A groan came from the living room—— the sound of two people shivering while entwined in each other’s arms. At the same time, Schwann shot his spunk into his palm.

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