After I Blocked My Crush

Chapter 27

After Lin Xia got called away by Yi Shang, his roommates became very anxious. They were afraid that Lin Xia would be hurt. However, Lin Xia came back with a glowing face, what in the world happened here?

Did they worry for nothing? Or did Lin Xia’s brain turn abnormal after being stimulated?

Xiao Pang slowly moved over, hugged the stair pole of Lin Xia’s bed, and asked, “Are you alright?”

“I’m fine.” Lin Xia didn’t tell them he just confirmed his relationship with Yi Shang. After all, whether they decide to come out in the open or not, he must first respect Yi Shang’s opinion.

Lin Xia doesn’t have to worry about Yi Shang at all now and his mind isn’t as chaotic as before. He found a former classmate from No. 1 High School on WeChat and asked for Qi Shi’s contact information through him.


The reason for finding Qi Shi is that Lin Xia doesn’t want to make things into a big deal. It’s best if he can contact the other party directly and solve the problem in private. There’s no point attacking each other online.

The call was rejected by Qi Shi, so Lin Xia simply sent a message: I’m Lin Xia, let’s talk.

After ten minutes, Lin Xia dialed Qi Shi’s phone again. This time Qi Shi answered, but didn’t say anything. Lin Xia asked, “Qi Shi?”

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Shortly after the call was hung up, Qi Shi posted something specious on Weibo: I didn’t expect that even after several years, you still won’t let me go and still continues to pester me.


Qi Shi doesn’t actually think that Lin Xia still likes him. He just wants traffic, as long as there are views, negatively gained popularity is still popularity.

Earning money as an internet celebrity is faster than working diligently. Plus, his graduation might be postponed because he has many subjects that need to be retaken, Qi Shi no longer had the desire to graduate from school and find a job.

Right now, he is bent on hoping he can gain enough popularity that he can make money. He has seen too many internet celebrities flop, so he doesn’t want to create a perfect online personality at all. As long as there is no bottom line, netizens can’t do anything about him.

Qi Shi looked at the comments of comfort on his Weibo. Many people asked Lin Xia to come out to give a statement. He sneered, Lin Xia was just a coward who would run away in the face of trouble, there was no way he would come out.

When he first met Lin Xia in high school, Lin Xia always looked like a person in the corner of the class. Even though he very outstanding, he only knew to bow his head and flinch. Later he became friends with him and Lin Xia gradually became better, obviously due to his influence.

Later, because of his sexual orientation, the two fell apart. Without him, Lin Xia became a shrinking turtle once again and directly transferred schools.

Qi Shi felt that he knows Lin Xia very well. Lin Xia cares about his reputation, in any case, he will not respond directly. It can be seen from his phone call instead of an online response that Lin Xia doesn’t want to respond directly.

That’s right, after all, Lin Xia likes men. How could he publicize such a humiliating thing?

“Dammit!! That rubbish Qi Shi posted on Weibo again!” Xiao Qian posted a screenshot of Qi Shi’s Weibo in the dormitory group chat, “Why is he so shameless?”

Lin Xia opened the group chat and saw Qi Shi’s Weibo. He thought of Qi Shi, who was once polite, cheerful, and helpful. He couldn’t have imagined that he would become like this.

“Lin Xia, hurry up and register a Weibo account to fight back!!” It was unbearable, Xiao Pang couldn’t hold back his anger.

“Wait a bit more.” It’s not that Lin Xia is soft-hearted. It’s just that Lin Xia knows what Qi Shi wants. If he now registers a Weibo to respond, it won’t end there. It’s better to give a heavy blow directly.


“But I really want to fight back! Who would like this kind of person?!” Xiao Pang felt his face turn bigger from anger. “I think you were blind to be friends with him.”

“You guys, don’t respond. Wait for tomorrow.” Lin Xia made the call earlier in the dorm, and his roommates all heard it.

At this time, he received a message from Yi Shang. Yi Shang also sent a screenshot of Qi Shi’s Weibo: But the person you have always liked is me!! I really want to beat him!!

He also sent several “going crazy” emotes.

Lin Xia, who was originally somewhat annoyed, was in a better mood the moment he saw Yi Shang’s messages. He had never seen Yi Shang so agitated before, so childish and cute. He replied: Alright, don’t be angry, I like you best.

Yi Shang replied: Can I argue back? Can I announce our relationship?

Lin Xia, who just said not to respond so he doesn’t get further involved with Qi Shi, now showed his double standard: You can say anything you want.

Yi Shang also sent various “kiss kiss” emotes: Why are we not in the same dorm! I want to hug you.

Seeing what Yi Shang sent, Lin Xia inexplicably felt that Yi Shang was playing spoiled, he teased: I remember someone once said he didn’t like physical contact.

At that time during the photo shoot, what Yi Shang said hurt him for a long time.

Yi Shang: Just hug me more. I’m in active treatment and need Dr. Lin’s cooperation.

Before Lin Xia got to reply, Yi Shang’s message came again: Do you think I’m too clingy? You have to let me know if you don’t like it, you can’t secretly dislike me.


Then various “grievance” emotes appeared.

Great, Yi Shang turned into an emote bagger in the face of love. Lin Xia smiled and typed: I like everything about you.

Yi Shang: You’re coaxing me! But I like it.

Then he said: You will find many shortcomings in me later, I’m not as dazzling as you think. I’m afraid you will find me disappointing, and I’m even more afraid that you only like the me from your imagination.

Lin Xia realized that Yi Shang was really worried, and replied with consideration: No one is perfect, I also have shortcomings. We will certainly have disagreements in the future, it’ll be fine as long as we know to forgive and understand each other.

Yi Shang: Mn mn!

He sent the “kiss kiss” emote again, and returned to his original starting point: I really want to hug you.

Lin Xia was about to combust from Yi Shang’s teasing. The two talked back and forth for a bit, then finally, Yi Shang went to post on Weibo.

Lin Xia covered his burning face with both hands to cool down. He peeked at the chat from his fingers. So this is how being in a relationship feels. The secretion of dopamine made him love Yi Shang more and more.

A melon-eating crowd has long been squatting in Yi Shang’s Weibo. Yi Shang never said anything before, only now did he write his first post:

Nothing much to say, just wanted to show off: my boyfriend has liked me since the first year of high school.

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